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Be an Intruder in Your Own Home to Test Your Home Spy Cameras

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2008-06-26 06:38:31     
Article by Nahshon Roberts

Making homes safe and secure is always a concern for every family. That is why you spend a lot of money to buy home spy cameras and security software to protect your kids from unwanted strangers. To put yourself in the shoes of an intruder can sometimes be very helpful in making your spy cameras fool-proof. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

Do Not Be Too Obvious

Do not put your home spy cameras in common places such as wall frames or in the toys of your small children. It would be very easy for an experienced intruder to find your cameras if you hide them in the usual spots. Be creative, instead. If your cameras are very small, it would be a good idea to hide them behind pieces of clothing. Plants and flower pots are also nice hiding places. Even if professionals will tell you to hide your cameras in things like clocks or stereos, look for other alternative spots for your cameras.

Blinking Lights

Since you are playing the role of an intruder to test your home security system, never forget to turn off the lights and watch intently for small red or green flashing lights that home spy cameras often have. Even if they are securely hidden behind objects, these small lights will always radiate in complete darkness. You can even ask your family to help fool-proof your security system. When the lights are off and everyone's eyes have adjusted to the darkness, tell everyone to search for the camera's operating lights. When some cameras are spotted, make the necessary changes and conceal them really well.

Look For Wires

Intruders will often search for wires to detect your home security system. Do the same, and try to see if the wires of the cameras are in plain sight. You can always use wire molding to conceal the wires, but doing this will ultimately make your cameras more obvious. The best thing to do is to let your wires travel around edges or behind objects that are mounted on walls. However, you will not have to worry about this if your home spy cameras are wireless. If you are still using cameras with wires, it would be a wise move to replace everything with cameras that are wireless.


An experienced intruder will always listen for faint whirring sounds home spy cameras make when they pan from one direction to the next. Rust and wear-and-tear are two reasons why they make so much noise. So make sure to oil up the joints of your cameras so that they will not operate noisily. Ask an expert for his help to have your cameras monitor your home silently.

If you want to keep your family safe at home, always make extra steps to ensure that your home security system is functioning well. Think like an intruder and be two steps ahead of them. Anticipate their movements and techniques to make your home security cameras fail-safe.

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