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Fingerprint Readers - High-End Security Solutions

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2007-09-27 12:15:01     
Article by Rob Hargreaves

When you think of a fingerprint reader the first thing you think about are those "million dollar man" episodes, or movies like "men in black". For a long time fingerprint readers were a figment of the sci-fi movie scene. But today you can find biometric fingerprint readers everywhere.

OK so you might be thinking, sure they use them for security purposes in government offices, but why would any one from the private sector need a fingerprint reader? If you have any type of confidential information on a computer, such as bank information, employee information, medical records, special client design you may want to think about a fingerprint reader.

I'm sure you've seen them in your local police station, or high security building, even many pc keyboards have them now. There are many types of personal fingerprint readers that you can find for as little as $100, and instantly your computer will be guarded by biometric fingerprint reader and have high end security. The use of a fingerprint reader allows users to do away with so many password access codes that they previously needed to access their computers or classified information that is stored in their business network system.

Basically a fingerprint reader works in the following way.

There is a processor in the fingerprint reader and based on amplifiers can read the fingers ridges and puts out a different voltage output for the valleys in a finger print. When the scanner reads the voltage it determines which a ridge is and which is a valley in a fingerprint, then it puts together the picture of your fingerprint. The technology used in a fingerprint reader is very similar to that used in an optical scanner.

Fingerprint readers in essence avoid anyone from entering your computer and taking out sensitive information. It only allows people that have access to the computer to use it. The benefit of fingerprint readers is that you do not have to remember an innumerable amount of passwords to enter your computer and yet the data therein is kept just as safely.

IN conclusion, the movies and tv shows make fingerprint scanners appear to find the perfect matching finger print. The problem is in actuality smudging does occur with real fingerprint scanners and may make the same fingerprint appear differently.

Why use a Fingerprint Reader?

If for instance you work in the insurance business, or the real estate business, or even should you have a small online business. You may have vital important personal information stored there. It is important that you be able to keep this information safe and that at the same time you be able to use it. A fingerprint reader will allow only you or you and the people you choose to use the computer, that way you can keep all the information you have there completely safe and unusable by any other person.

Rob Hargreaves - An American Locksmith working Mr-Locks Inc - one of the leading locksmith and security companies in the US. For Fingerprint Readers or Security System installation please call mr-locks.com

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