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             28 February, 2021

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Disaster Kits Can Save Lives

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2008-06-28 03:54:03     
Article by Stephen Shiflett

Bad weather is upon us again. It seems as if bad weather comes at least two seasons out of the year. During the winter time blizzards are happening more frequently in the Northern areas, and the coastal regions are preparing for Hurricanes. In the Summer Time the heat index reaches over 100 degrees, bringing many outside workers to the brink of heat exhaustion or worse heat stroke. Spring time seems to bring horrific thunder storms. Don't for get all the tsunamis and earthquakes that can happen all throughout the year.

Several disaster units have advised people for years that they need to think ahead and prepare emergency kits incase something were to happen. Usually when a disaster hits an area, local officials and relief workers are on the scene as soon as possible, but they can't get to everyone immediately. Depending on the severity of an area, it might be hours before relief workers could reach you.

It is up to each individual family to prepare for just such emergencies. If each family could just take the time to put together an emergency disaster kit, you can treat several different kinds of wounds in case someone was injured.

Once a disaster hits there is no time to go shopping for the things you need. Do like the Boy Scouts and Be Prepared. Preparing a disaster kit is an easy task and you should be able to obtain most of the things you might need from things that are already in your home.

You should first make yourself a checklist of the items you think you might need. Then gather all the supplies, and place them somewhere easy to get to in case of an emergency situation.

There are six things that should be on your list; water, first aid supplies, tools, clothing, food, bedding, and any other item that you think you might need.

You should store at least one gallon of water per person to last at least three days in case the power and water are turned off. Also keep some tools in your emergency area, in case you should have to turn it off from your own home for some reason.

The same goes for food as well. Prepare a place to put emergency non perishable foods for each family member for at least three days. Select foods that need no refrigeration and need very little water. Make sure to keep a three day supply of cooking fuel of some type. These types of emergency kits could be kept in trash cans or trunks or whatever you deem necessary for your disaster survival kit.

Don't forget that if you have babies to pack extra formula and diapers as well. If there is someone in your family that has an illness, such as diabetes, you should keep extra medicine packed away for them.

In your emergency disaster kit you should include; several different sizes of sterile gauze pads, hypoallergenic tape, scissors, tweezers, moistened towelettes, antiseptic, aspirin, and antacids.

Some tools and equipment that you might need, would be; mess kits, paper cups, and paper plates, a battery operated radio (with extra batteries, and do not leave batteries inside radio's or flashlights), a non electric can opener, a utility knife (survival knife that has a variety of tools attached), fire extinguisher, emergency flares (signal flares), matches to light a small camp stove, and some aluminum foil, and anything you might need for your personal hygiene. Don't forget to pack at least one change of clothes and shoes in case someone got wet.

Preparing an emergency disaster kit ahead of time could possibly same you, your family and maybe some of your neighbors. Don't wait until the last minute to find help; have help packed up before you need it.

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