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             07 May, 2021

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Herbal Treatment For Panic Attacks

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2008-06-10 04:59:13     
Article by Michelle Tason

The simple answer is that having an anxiety or panic attack is pretty much a mind game. Yep, psychology is a huge factor since panic attacks are all based on manifesting fear in a persons mind,actually fearing fear itself.

What that means is that people like us with panic disorder feel the need to be in control of all our thoughts at all times for fear that if we don't we will lapse into a panic attack.

So if we were to take medications or drugs, this might alter our thought process and involuntarily cause us to not feel "in touch" with ourselves. Lets face it there are many medications including drugs that can cause people to feel "weird".

This is why herbal treatment for panic attacks is very much desired for those that suffer from panic attacks.

Ingesting Lemon balm herb and teas has been known to be beneficial for people suffering from anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, etc.. Using Lemon Balm herbal treatment for panic attacks helps to relax people and their nerves which has been used for many, many years.

Lemon balm also has sedatives in some of the plant's chemicals such as citronella, volatile oils, as well as Citrals A & B. In medical research studies, Lemon Balm has been found to relax and calm the body and minds of people.

There are also many healthy foods available like turkey meat, ripe bananas, carbohydrates from pasta, and other foods that contain high nutritional benefits as well as precursors to Serotonin which makes them ideal natural foods to help maintain higher Serotonin levels in your body to feel calmer and healthier in your mind and body.

Also If you aren't taking a vitamin supplement I highly recommend that you not only take an herbal treatment for panic attacks but also take a high potency multi-vitamin that is high in b-complex as well as start eating good foods, quit smoking, or taking recreation drugs.

I've suffered from severe panic attacks for nearly 30 years. Stop living in fear like I was. Get more free tips that can stop your panic attacks forever. Go to my blog How To Stop Panic Attacks

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