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             23 May, 2022

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Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe With Real Time Contact By GPS

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2008-05-05 04:43:02     
Article by Charles Trovillion

Rapid changes are taking place in the pricing of automobile insurance in recent months as companies scramble to take advantage of already high profits after several very lean years. Advances in automation, safer cars, the infamous credit score and even high gas prices reducing certain traffic have brought record profit margins.

In the year 2008 a few highly responsible companies are adding special value that goes beyond just lower cost. Those companies recognize that the first 6 months of driving is a critical time of learning for the new driver and are aligning themselves with special programs to connect the parent with the teen, some even real time while they are away. Two major companies subsidize the program using a third party to track driving habits. One uses a special camera from DriveCam attached to a mirror that gives after the fact, visual and sound record for the purpose of driver coaching. My favorite is a patented GPS program that allows the parent to set parameters in advance for the teen on speed and location that can be tracked real time from their computer and real time phone speed alerts as well as the ability to unlock remotely for power lock doors. These features also provide for roadside assistance and ability for police to locate the car if stolen or damaged. As far as I can tell it is the first and only one that offers a free GPS system and installation for less than $15 per month and goes on to offer a discount on the teens rate.

In this day of greater teen freedom threatened by increased peer pressure and worse the unknown predator, parents must be alert to how their teen reacts when given the keys to the powerful and yet necessary privilege of personal transportation called the automobile.

Written by Charles Trovillion, authorized Illinios representative of Safeco Ins Co. http://www.4agent.com other states try http://www.safeco.com

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