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             24 October, 2020

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The Good Life - Over 40

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2007-11-22 06:23:40     
Article by Tod Lightsey

Trying to retain the vigor and stamina of our youth is one of, if not the hardest thing, to do in life...especially after 40. No matter what you eat (or don't eat), the mid-section keeps getting bigger and bigger. Keeping our energy levels up and stress levels down is almost impossible to do as we age. To melt inches and pounds off your body, you need to naturally accelerate your metabolic rate and release youth restoring growth hormone.

The most important factor in anti aging is to harness your bodies own power to make you more resistant to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, depression and arthritis, while at the same time making you leaner, stronger, and more muscular. The best part is that it doesn't come out of a bottle or needle, and it doesn't cost a cent! This type of combination between how-to information and inspiration is what the fitness industry has been missing for a long time.

Everybody wants the "easy shortcut" to whatever they do. Role Modeling is an easy shortcut to massive results fast. Modeling is when you find people who have the skills, knowledge or results you want and you simply copy-cat their methods, allowing you to duplicate their results as fast as humanly possible. Modeling gives you an unfair advantage that speeds up your rate of progress and slices years off your learning curve to uncover and duplicate the health and fitness strategies of men and women who conquered aging and disease.

The real "magic" happens when you work on the outside using exercise and nutrition while working on the inside using the hidden power of your mind... Fit Over 40 will teach you how to tap into the power of thoughts, beliefs and core values to skyrocket you to success.

Everyone needs a coach, mentor, or role model, but you must choose your teachers wisely...

Learn from the experts-and model successful people! Stop spending time with pessimistic people who tell you it can't be done. Stop listening to the marketing scammers who pander worthless quick fixes and bucketfuls of dangerous drugs and pills. Stop reading books from double-chinned overweight doctors, scientists and researchers who are out of shape and have never even seen the inside of a gym. If you listen to those people, it's like taking investing advice from someone who is flat broke!

Learn the truth about health, fitness and life extension from the only people worth listening to-real people who have done it, NOT the people who just talk about it.

If you'd like more information about this topic

Go to http://LiveFitOver40.com/ and see for yourself!

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