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             08 December, 2022

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Does XOWii Thin Really Work and What Is the XOWii Thin Weight Management Shake?

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2010-11-09 07:24:22     
Article by Timothy Feuling

The question is being asked all over the country - does XOWii Thin really help people lose weight fast and easy or is it just another hyped up product. After very careful review of this product developed by esteemed product developer Bill Sickert (over 25 years of product development in the homeopathic and holistic natural supplement industry) I must say this product truly is turning the weight loss world on its head.

XOWii Thin is a 8.4 ounce functional appetite suppressant drink that not only addresses the major reasons for weight gain but also provides all natural ingredients, all natural energy and is totally diabetic friendly because of the fact they used organic cane juice instead of sugars like fructose found in most every drink on the market.

XOWii Thin starts with an all natural ingredient called cha de bugre from Brazil (no wonder those beach bodies in Rio Di Janiero looks so amazing). Cha de bugre is a natural appetite suppressant that works all too well. This ingredient alone can knock your caloric intake down considerably (40-50% for me). Next they put in yerba mate from South America which stimulates thermogenesis and helps turn fats into fuel providing you with energy. Then they added L-Carnitine which is known for helping break down sugars before they turn into fats. Then you have 1 gram of dietary fiber per can helping to make you feel fuller than you are and it is great for digestion. And last but not least you have n-acetyl l-tyrosine which tackles the #1 reason people quit diets - what I refer to as the diet crankies - when you have less food going into your stomach than you and your brain are used to, you get irritable, moody, upset, fatigued, tired and downright cranky. N-acetyl, L-tyrosine increases dopamine levels and enhances mood - and it works - I have tested this product for over a month now.

I have lost 8 pounds and I am a pretty fit guy. My spirits are great and my wife hasn't made me quit my diet yet so that is a great sign. I don't have the cravings for carbs anymore and I am very happy to be getting my more youthful body back.

Bottom line: XOWii Thin is a very effective product and is worth the $2.90/can (less than most Red Bulls at the convenience stores). If you purchase it 6 cases at a time, you get it for about $2.60/can. XOWii Thin Weight Management Shake is the newest product yet to be released as of this product review but we will be sure to review this product too when it comes out. I am sure it will be another Grand Slam as it is being developed by famed developer Bill Sickert.

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