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             13 May, 2021

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10 Reasons to Cook at Home

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2007-11-17 04:01:25     
Article by Lynette Mitchell

Here are 10 great reasons to eat in rather than eating out. Cooking at home is good for more than just the budget.

1. You control the portions, and therefore are not tempted to eat more than you really need to. Think about how much you'll save on, not only food, but your waistline as well, by controlling how much you eat. Do you really need the huge platters of food that the restaurants give you?

2. Left overs make great lunches for work and school, saving time and money. All you need to do is cook a little extra and pack it away in lunch boxes as you serve up the meal. It's already done with no extra effort involved.

3. The ritual of cooking a meal can bring a family together, and if the children help with cooking it can give them skills for life. Why leave it to schools to do all the teaching, and they'll appreciate the food even more if they help cook it.

4. You don't have to travel beyond your own front door to enjoy eating great food.

5. It teaches children the value of planning ahead. What they see you do rubs off. If they see you planning meals and shopping for the ingredients on a regular basis, they will be more than likely to take it up one day themselves. If they see you eating out all the time, they'll most probably plan for that instead.

6. No more indecision as you are poring over the menu. If your meal is planned then you already know what you are going to have, and you are likely to enjoy eating the meal more, as well.

7. You won't be tempted by all the added extras that go with eating out. After all, do you really want fries with that, or an extra large soda?

8. You help the local economy by using the local supermarket to buy your food, and the meal will only taste better for it.

9. You have complete control over the ingredients you use. Think of how much better you will feel knowing exactly what is going into that meal. Also, if any member of your family has a food intolerance then it will be easier on them.

10. You don't have to pay tips for indifferent service!

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