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A View From The Top

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2007-10-24 04:45:41     
Article by Vera Cornish

I have always appreciated a View From The Top. During the course of my life the view may have come by being on the top floor of a building in New York City, over looking the incredible skyline of building after building created by the genius of an architect. Many times the view was from the top of a mountain seeing the magnificence of the forest as it stretched for miles and miles. Never would I have imagined that Vera Cornish would stand on the twelfth floor of a ship with the ocean below and the sky above witnessing a full moon surrounded by perfect circle of light more vast than I can describe. This was an amazing View From The Top.

One thing could have kept me from achieving this life changing experience. Fear! For more years than I can remember I had countless reasons for not considering a cruise as an opportunity to relax, experience new opportunities, meet new people, enjoy luxury and visit new countries. To realize that such a small word could have such power over my life was a life changing revelation. How many other opportunities had I missed because of fear?

When I shared my thoughts with others I came to realize that fear had gripped so many people the same way that it had held me hostage. Holding me back from experiencing the abundance of what the world has to offer. What changed my mind? What made me decide to take the chance and break through my quitting points? What called me to action? I didn't want to miss the opportunity to be in the company of people that knew how to generate millions. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to be in the company of people that lived a lifestyle I could only dream of. I didn't want to miss the wisdom.

With the melodic music of the Caribbean filling the air and embracing my solitary moment standing on the deck; I realized the power of being with like minded people. Others that did not allow the circumstances of life to hold them back from this astonishing experience. I realized the importance of building relationships with individuals that wanted the same lifestyle and were willing to take action to achieve it. However, none of this would have happened without a man of Vision, A Dreamer, Dwayne Golden. How many of us have dreams that we never act upon? How many of us have tremendous ideas that we simply put on the shelf. Where would we be without people who put action behind the dream?

Artimis Limpert, Myron Golden and Dwayne Golden delivered on the promise. The information was life changing. Truly it changed the way I will approach all my business opportunities. The presentations were fantastic. The memory moments were incredible. Imagine sitting in the dining room with the ocean as a backdrop, gliding across the water headed to another island while casually chatting about this being a way of life instead of a once in a life time experience.

Conquering Fear is a choice, one I encourage everyone reading this article to do! Equally important is that we don't pass it on to others, especially our children. When I had the opportunity to speak with my daughter, she simply said, "Mom I am so proud of you". The question is posed what you will pass on to your children, to others in your sphere of influence. Make the decision to Conquer your fear, press through your quitting points and achieve a View From The Top.

Vera Cornish is an entrepreneur, facilitator and publisher. She is committed to conducting the business of life and assisting others to do the same. If you want to learn more on how you can achieve a "View From The Top" contact her. She would love to hear from you.


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