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             23 November, 2020

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Talking with Your Guardian Angels

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2007-09-02 09:53:14     
Article by Tracy Bonczyk

Did you know that your guardian angels job is to focus entirely on you? By placing your thoughts, actions and words at the center of their attention, they are able to help you manifest your beliefs.

When talking with your guardian angels the phrase "thoughts are things" holds especially true. These angels of direction and safety want to assist you along your life path, so it's important to be aware of the messages you are sending out.

Guardian angels also assist with special requests. However, you must request their assistance in order to have these special requests granted. According to universal law, angels cannot intervene unless their assistance is requested. If you don't ask, they can't help.

Guardian angels are available to help with any request that is positive and causes no harm. If you've lost something, ask your guardian angels to show you where it is. If you need financial assistance, ask your angels to provide it. If you're uncertain of your life work, ask your angels for guidance.

Guardian angels can help you with everything in your life. However, help is the key word. Guardian angels are here to assist you, but they cannot do everything for you. In essence, guardian angels are your personal cheerleader offering support, guidance and love.

When talking with your guardian angels it's important to be specific about your requests. Eliminate preconceived expectations and keep your mind open to endless possibilities. Turn your request over to your guardian angels and know it will be handled for the highest good of all.

Answers to requests oftentimes emerge in the most unexpected ways at the most unexpected time. Results are sometimes instantaneous, while others may take months to manifest. Oftentimes, requests arrive in a manner much different than expected. When you recognize your request has been granted, take time to thank your guardian angels.

Before talking with your guardian angels, it's advised to get into a state of higher consciousness. Doing so allows you to clear away negative energy that may surround you. Find a place where you feel safe and are able to release any attachment to anger, fear, guilt, or shame. If this is difficult to accomplish, ask your guardian angels to clear negative energies and replace with serene, tender energies.

Each of us has access to these benevolent helpers known as Guardian Angels. Learning how to talk with them can help you create the life you desire and deserve.

If you are ready to learn how to talk with your guardian angels, consider using the services of a Board Certified Hypnotherapist such as Tracy Bonczyk. With more than two decades of experience in hypnosis, Tracy has assisted hundreds of clients in connecting with their inner wisdom and spiritual sources of support.

Tracy offers private sessions by phone and has worked with individuals around the globe. She can assist you with guided imagery, hypnosis, past life regression and talking with your guardian angels.

"Get in Touch with Your Angels," created by Tracy Bonczyk, Board Certified Master Hypnotist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, is a simple, yet effective way to help you connect with your guardian angels. Available in 15- and 30-minute meditations, these CDs will help you reach your angels quickly and as often as you would like. To learn more, visit www.MiniMeditations.com.

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