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             24 November, 2020

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Silicone - Flexible Cooking

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2007-08-08 17:15:35     
Article by David Nivala

Modern science has provided the kitchen with new ways of preparing food. Food-grade silicone products have been available on the supermarket shelves since 2004 for use in the kitchen. Any products that make cooking and cleaning easier should be available to all people. Different companies produce different products and they range from mats, brushes, funnels, sieves, cutting boards, bakeware and oven mitts. The silicone range comes in a number of colors to complement any well provisioned kitchen.

The benefits of silicone products are summarized below:
Flexibility - making storage easier for larger products and making it easier to remove finished items.
Heat Resistance - making it easier to use in all normal kitchen activities.
Non-stick with low toxicity - making the food preparation process, less messy and the contamination much less likely.
Easy Washing - simply place the silicone items into the dishwasher.

When using the bakeware, it may not be necessary to grease and flour the tray, unless the recipe really calls for it, thus making these items suitable for low-fat cooking. It is a pleasure to easily remove cakes, scones and muffins from the trays when they are cooked.

It might be time to start really testing this new cookware. It would be a pleasant site to get rid of the rusty old steel cookware - hopefully making the cooking process easier, more enjoyable and more successful.

The growing range of utensils are also worth testing. The silicone brush is by far the greatest innovation on previous products. The silicone brush can be used on items where the temperatures are up to 500 F, then place in the dishwasher for cleaning. The non-stick properties of the brush make for much less mess than traditional brushes.

The trivets are simply easy to use, easy to store, easy to clean and they look good.

The spoons and other utensils have the same properties as the other items and make life easier in the kitchen.

The combination cutting board and sieve that fits over a standard sink for use, and makes the preparation of vegetable and fruit a breeze - all the activity on a low-toxicity cutting board, that can be cleaned in the dishwasher and later stored easily as the sieve actually collapses.

Make your life easier and bring some color into your kitchen - check out the products that are available.

Kitchen utensils and accessories can be found everywhere, but these are different. For more information go to http://kitchenandkitchenutensils.googlepages.com/

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