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             26 October, 2020

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Why Are So Many MLMer's Still Using Lead Lists And Cold Calling To Build Their Down Line

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2007-07-29 12:36:05     
Article by Karen Giardunio

If you are at all interested in promoting and building your own MLM via Lead Lists and Cold Calling- then you are probably unaware of the new streamline function associated to utilizing the Internet to gain the upper hand in recruiting your affiliates -which means you are more than likely building your down line using the old way compared to the new and improved method of accomplishing that very same goal. This can be one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make if you are intending to stay in the game and play with the Top Dogs! Here's why -Lead Lists are not as "Fresh" as they are often touted to be. They are full of misinformation and it is not unusual to come up short with wrong or disconnected numbers. That is not to say or imply that they do not work, they are an alternative to those who don't mind spending a few hours a day calling leads from a list and slowly building a team over an extended period of time...but, that is not the right way to do it -at least not if you intend to do it quickly and in an efficient manner.

So the question has to be asked -is there an easier way? Is it possible that one could spend just a couple of hours a day and build a massive down line and still have time for your loved ones and a real life? The answer to that question is a resounding "Yes there is!" It is not always as difficult as it may appear. There is now a new and more proficient way of succeeding in building your MLM team. Odds are you didn't even know of this option because the truth is Cold Calling is still encouraged in most Network Marketing organizations and only a few are familiar with the opportunities involved in Internet Marketing that make it possible for any one with passion and enthusiasm to pave the way for others to follow the exact same steps thereby building and mentoring in the process of helping a team member succeed as well.

When I first stumbled upon this method I got it straight from the President and CEO of the Network Marketing organization I joined. He was telling everyone in the company about his top recruiter and encouraged anyone joining up to follow in this gentleman's footsteps by purchasing his e-book to learn how to build a down line -all without ever calling a single lead again. I purchased the information and also became a member of his own Internet Marketing team. It has been one of the greatest opportunities I have ever attached myself to and I am so glad I took the advice to find out how it was done. I am literally guided along -every step of the way and in just a few short weeks (8 to be exact) I have 3380 references to my name on Google and the numbers keep going up. I tell you this not for self-promotion but to let you know that anyone can do this and everyone involved with MLM/Network Marketing should become more knowledgeable in the ways that this can be done.

Working at home has many benefits and when you know what system to use -and the on line tools you can utilize in order to accelerate the process you too can enjoy more free time along with more wealth and prosperity. If you are going to build anyone's future shouldn't it be your own? A couple of hours a day is all it takes and you can do more if you feel inclined to do so. The point is you get to decide. The power can now be in your own control and it is always important to leverage your time by leveraging the process and the marketing...and the Internet is the primary way to attain that goal. This is the new wave of the future in recruiting, wealth building and down line growth.

It all comes down to one thing -your passion and desire to succeed and to show others how to follow the steps you have taken as well. Duplication is of great importance and value and when you ad teams and mentors to the whole equation -you are on your way to a more advanced form of marketing. Why not give it a try? You no longer have to try to convince friends and family members, business associates and acquaintances to join you when you can have the tables turn in your favor and get people coming to you instead. If you want to make a life altering change for the better -why not start today, after all time is not always on your side -but luck is if you move in a certain way long enough and never lose sight of your dreams for a better and brighter future!

Karen Giardunio is a single mother who resides in the mountains just north or Boulder Colorado. Throuh the power of the sweeping concept of "The Law Of Attraction!" she was able to personally connect herself with one of the leading experts in the field of Internet Marketing. It is through this great mentor that she has begun to change her life and obtain an unlimited wealth of knowlege and understanding of the need to share and serve others in order to obtain her own hearts desires. So, she now helps frustrated Network Marketers that are looking for more ways to make money while learning how to win at the recruiting game to accomplish those goals. Go to http://intentionsforprosperity.blogspot.com to find your way to the simple step-by-step applications that anyone can master that will show you how you can take control of your own life by creating a secondary income helping others succeed. Even if you don't currently belong to an MLM business -or if you already do. All without ever calling a single lead again. This stuff works whether or not any one joins your down line!

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