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Effective Team Communication Skills For Maximum Team Performance

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2008-04-28 08:04:08     
Article by Michael Lee

Having effective team communication skills is a crucial requirement for both leaders and team members alike. It allows you to establish harmonious relationships, fully understand the team's intention, share your ideas easily, and even impress other team members.

This article will reveal how to acquire effective team communication skills so you can boost your career to the next level.

Listen Well.

Some people end up being poor listeners because they would daydream or think of something else instead of listening attentively to the speaker. Focus on the other party's message instead of thinking in advance on what to say next.

Don't let the speaker's manner of speaking, background or experience, outside appearance, race, religion, etc. distort your judgment in understanding the meaning of the message.

Never speak when the other person is talking. That is plain impolite. Wait a few seconds after the other party stops speaking before you talk. When it's time for you to speak, avoid changing subjects because this indicates your disinterest; this is also a sign of disrespect.

Listening and clearly understanding the other party's messages are the most effective team communication skills; so make sure you listen more than you talk. We're given two ears and one mouth for a good reason.

Speak Clearly and Purposefully.

If you didn't understand anything said by a speaker, kindly ask him to repeat or clarify what he said. Always show respect, courtesy and politeness.

Give meaningful feedback and suggestions. Get straight to the point, but always think before you speak. If possible, show proof or statistics that validate your proposal. Your ideas are more readily acceptable if they are supported by facts or explanations.

Don't close your mind to ideas that may sound unfeasible or ridiculous at first. Remember that many of the world's greatest discoveries have been previously rejected or even laughed at.

Choosing the right words is one of the most effective team communication skills. For example, you could say, "we have a challenge" instead of "we have a problem" to minimize stress or tension. You could say, "this is an awesome deal" instead of "this is a fair offer" to express your interest.

Be aware of the body language signals you're conveying while speaking. You may not have said anything offensive, but your body subconsciously communicates your inner emotions, so be aware of your actions and gestures all the time. When you speak, maintain eye contact and maintain a confident posture. Don't cross your arms, roll your eyes or purse lips as these imply disrespect.

Sometimes, having a sense of humor can be a great addition to your effective team communication skills. It overcomes boredom and dead air. But you should be keen enough to know when the right time is. You don't want to be humorous in the middle of a serious conversation.

Never criticize in public. If you have something to say that might offend or humiliate a member, restrain yourself. Talk to the person in private. It saves him face.

If you share these tips on utilizing effective team communication skills to other members, don't be surprised on how quickly your team can accomplish its goals.

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