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             15 April, 2021

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Liquid Vitamins Friendly to Time Management

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2007-06-17 11:19:58     
Article by Cheryl Jones

We all know that vitamins are important to health. But it can be such a problem to take them! It takes time to open individual bottles, time to pour out all those hard "horse" pills, close the bottles, gather all these vitamins in hand without dropping any on the floor, and then gulp down all those pills with some water as we rush out the door. Oh, how hard that is to incorporate that regime into our lives!

What is the answer? Liquid vitamins. They are easy to pour, easy to swallow, easy to put away back into the refrigerator, and you are done. How wonderful and easy it is to add this health regime to our lives!

Once you have tried liquid vitamins, you will never go back to pills. You will save so much time, it will be so easy for you, you will be able to easily add the discipline of taking regular vitamins into your life, and you will be so proud of yourself for doing so, that you will never go back.

The only issue is...which liquid vitamin to take? Well, I have some suggestions as I have taken several over the years. First of all, they have to taste good. I've had some that were so bad that I spit them out and threw the bottle away. So taste is key. Particularly, if you want your children to take the vitamins, they need to taste good. Children can be fussy. Next of all, they need to be easy to take. It is a good idea if the cap is the measuring cap so that you can easily measure out the correct amount. Finally, they should be economical. You want them to be something you can afford to buy ever month and not once every few months because you could only afford them once every few months.

So I encourage you, if you are not taking liquid vitamins, get them. If you are taking other pill vitamins, switch to liquid. You will be glad you did and find it is much easier to add a health regime to your life than you formerly thought.

Cheryl Jones has been investigating alternative and holistic health solutions for over 30 years and has access to pioneering information. She is very particular and shares only what she has found to be truly valuable. http://www.vitaminfriendly.com

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URL: http://www.vitaminfriendly.com
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