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             19 January, 2022

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What Are The Effects Of Holding Bank Account And Assets After Bankruptcy

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2007-06-09 11:10:32     
Article by Wade Robins

When you go bankrupt life for attaining credit is very difficult. Many companies are wary of loaning money, or even allowing you to open a bank account on the basis of your bankruptcy. You will need to search for a bank that will allow you to open a new bank account. The bank may impose conditions and limits for this bank account. They may limit the amount of money you are allowed to withdraw and state that you need to keep a certain amount in the account to avoid fees.

The bank will check your credit and find the bankruptcy. It is a good idea to tell them you have had a bankruptcy so there are not surprises and they are more inclined to help you. It may take three or more years for you to be eligible for loans. You do not want to jeopardize this new start by overdrawing the account or bouncing the check. With the bank systems in place today it is very easy for the bank to monitor your account and they may close your account if you mishandle funds.

Paypal will also allow you to open a savings account if you are having trouble finding a bank to work with. Paypal allows you to pay bills online as well as shop online so you can use it as a bank account until you reestablish credit.

Assets after a bankruptcy are usually limited. You probably don't have a lot of money to put into savings, but as long as you have steady employment you will be able to reestablish credit. You home is another asset. The courts cannot take away your home unless you have been foreclosed. In the event of a foreclosure you will probably be renting until you can establish your credit. Depending on the chapter of bankruptcy you may have been able to convert some asset into a home that courts cannot take away. For instance if you are a truck driver you can turn that asset into a home rather than loose the truck. Of course if you are still using the truck for your job you may be able to keep it under transportation for your employment.

Bankruptcy will create stress and a little havoc in your life during the process, but it can be the solution you need to gain a new start. A lot of people facing bankruptcy have lost their jobs, lost assets from rental properties, or even had a medical problem causing them to mortgage all their assets. To have a life after bankruptcy you may have to have a job that is below your education and be forced to abide by banks rules, but you can reestablish your life after a time.

You can also find more information at Bankruptcy Court and Bankruptcy Exemptions. Filingpersonalbankruptcyhelp.com is a comprehensive resource to get help in Bankruptcy.

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