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             25 January, 2022

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Use Credit Card Debt to Prevent Bankruptcy, Not to Cause It

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2010-12-01 05:27:15     
Article by Phillip Emerson

Why not use credit card debt to prevent bankruptcy instead of causing it? Beating collectors is so easy to do there's no need to file chapter 7 or 13 and greedy collectors can even make you rich if you will just give them a chance. You might call it backwards thinking to fit an economy that's running in reverse.

It's much easier to face a debt collector who may end up giving you money than a judge telling you what you can and can't keep or even if you can keep anything at all. There is a small investment to be made; you will need to get hold of a digital voice recorder because it will be the key to prevention and cure for your situation.

The process is totally legal and it doesn't matter how much you owe. In fact, the more you owe the better. If you can watch a government cartoon show then you'll have the entire legal process in hand. Use the search term "FTC debt video" and watch this short cartoon a couple of times.

There are so many violations by collectors that some attorneys have finally figured out there's big money to be made handling lawsuits against collectors. You can read an interesting story using the search term "Face Book - Knowledge of the Fair Debt Collection Act - USE IT!" which shows how attorneys are using boot camps to go over this super simple technique.

Indeed, it is so simple, very few people have been able to see the simplicity of this 1966 law. When collectors call they usually say this call is going to be recorded for quality assurance purposes. You in turn tell them you're going to record the call also because you are going to pay all your debts and you need all their contact information with addresses and account numbers but you don't have a pen or paper handy.

Never give a collector any information whatsoever other than your name! Get his information and because he believes you're going to send him money, he will gladly give it to you believing he's found an idiot that's going to turn over all their money to him. After you have everything recorded it's time to work the magic!

You can begin with something like I'm afraid there's a mistake here and if you think I'm going to send you money, you're crazy! This should get the violations going and at $1000 each, you should be smiling from ear to ear! You will not need an attorney to call his superiors and demand they mark the account "paid as agreed" in exchange for your not filing a lawsuit against them.

You also have the option of going to an attorney with your recordings and actually filing a lawsuit in federal court where awards are much larger. Search terms such as "man wins $1.5 million from collector" or "woman sues collector wins $8.1 million" reveal some real-life examples.

It is difficult to believe using your credit card debt to prevent a bankruptcy is possible but finally even attorneys are figuring it out. It is a win-win alternative for everybody except the collection company. Think of the collector as a friend and hope he curses you but that's how you do it in a backwards economy.

If you need affordable expert professional legal help to beat collectors, restore credit scores, answer your collection calls and legal notices plus the most advanced cutting edge educational materials to regain your financial integrity then visit http://www.philscircle.com

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