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             26 January, 2021

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Yoda Was Right: Size Matters Not

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2006-07-08 22:37:13     
Article by Scott Ginsberg

When I receive speaking inquiries from organizations who want me to keynote their conferences or meetings, I always chuckle when I hear comments like:

“Could you have your assistant fax me a fee schedule?
“Who does your booking for you?”
“Should I call your agent find out if you have that date available?”

My response is usually something like, “Oh, well actually, it’s just me!”

A lot of my customers think that’s awesome. They value the ability to talk directory to That Guy. In fact, most of my clients tell me that’s one of their favorite parts about working with me.

On the other hand, some business people believe in presenting their company (website, materials, voicemail and the like) in a manner which makes them appear a lot bigger than they really are. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; although I think people must take caution while tip-toeing on the fine line between professionalism and misrepresentation.

Then again, it depends on 1) your brand, and 2) your customers.

My brand happens to be friendly, transparent and approachable. So I have no problem posting my fee schedule on my site, for example, or telling customers that my company is a completely entrepreneurial, one-man show.

But your company might not be like that, which is cool too. If you want to appear big, go big! As long as you’re consistent with your brand and it makes your customers feel comfortable working with you, go for it.

The point I’m trying to make is this: you don’t have to BE big to do big things.

I only know this because, since I started HELLO, my name is Scott in 2002, I’ve been featured in almost every major news publication in the country, done hundreds of radio and TV interviews and been quoted as an expert on approachability in The Wall Street Journal and Cosmopolitan. And you know what? I have all the cutouts pasted around the walls of my office.

And I look at them every day. Not because I’m a big shot, and not because I’m some egomaniac, but because those are big things, and I’m just ONE guy. So I truly believe that if I can do it, you can too. Whether you’re big or not.

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