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Naming Your New Baby Boy

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2007-04-18 09:30:24     
Article by Lesa Bolt

I was so ecstatic when I discovered I was having a baby boy and immediately starting thinking of all the fun and joy I would having raising this baby from buying blue blankets and caps to first toys of trucks and cars. I enjoyed thinking of sports that he may play such as baseball and football and soccer.

As I thought of these things I started thinking of going outside and calling his name to come in to dinner or showing a photo and telling someone my son's name. That is when I started wondering what a good name would be. I certainly didn't want to call a 4 syllable name as I tried to have him come inside. It just seemed so exhausting.

I personally liked the idea of a one or two syllable name because the more I pronounced names I found the more I felt tongue tied with the long names. Some names are very masculine and sound royal, but then again I am not royalty and it seemed cuter to have a shorter name. Also I thought of his friends as they would grow up together and have play times. They may make fun of a longer name or would probably shorten it anyway. I didn't want to give my baby boy a name only to have it changed anyway by his friends because it was too long.

Peers have a way of nicknaming their friends. Sometimes a boy gets a nickname that he is labeled with throughout his life.

Boys names do not have to be masculine or have a special meaning. It can just be a name that you particularly like or enjoy hearing the syllables as they are pronounced.

The most important thing to consider when naming your baby boy is that you like the name. Don't let others persuade you into a name they like. Make sure you like it for all the right reasons.

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