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Children’s Toys

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2010-09-06 04:53:27     
Article by Anne Watson

What are Toys?
Playing is important to children. Not only does it give them immense pleasure and entertainment – it also contributes to their physical, social and emotional development. Toys are the tools that children use to play with and can be classified into various groups, depending on the aspect of the child it helps to develop.

Puzzles, blocks, boxes and bikes are toys for physical or muscle development, as they help children to exercise their muscles and improve co-ordination. Toys for creative and intellectual development such as books, paper, crayons, scissors and play-dough welcome children into a world of imagination where they can explore their creativity. Water toys, musical instruments and sand toys are specialized for sensory development whereas toys that aid in social development are dolls, games and books.

Why are Toys Important?
Children are full of energy. How often do we watch them play with so much enthusiasm and wonder where all that energy comes from? Toys help children use this energy and discover emotions. Toys are also useful as they help children deal with emotional conflicts or tension. Playing with a water toy or some play-dough can help children release tension.

Toys can be the foundation on which friendships are developed. Children often interact better with their peers over toys or while engaged in play as they learn to practice patience and also to listen to the opinions of others. They learn how others think and feel and in addition find out what sort of behaviour results in approval or disapproval. For instance, they realize what happens when they share a certain toy that they are playing with or when they refuse to share and the toy is taken away from them. Give a child a toy and watch them use their imagination. They gain self confidence as they learn what they can do with their toys.

Some toys are better choices or more appropriate for children than others. What exactly makes a toy a good choice? In order to answer this question, it is important to look at the children themselves. How old are they? What are their interests? It is also important to make sure that the toy is safe and that it appeals to the child. They do not need to be tricked into playing with a toy if it is age appropriate and suitable for their abilities. If the toy can be used in a variety of ways the child will invariably use it for a longer period of time.

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