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             03 July, 2020

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Top 5 Mistakes in Network Marketing

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2007-04-17 08:55:29     
Article by James Mack

If you want to learn how to avoid becoming an "average network marketer", you will want to self-asses your business behavior and check for these five critical mistakes.

1. Avoid doing new things because they make you feel uncomfortable. It is very easy to stay completely average and fail. All you need to do is keep doing the same things every day and stay comfortable. Leaving that range might differentiate you from other network marketers - but of course this will mean less comfort for you.

2. Don't expand your network beyond a certain point. Again, it's the easiest thing to do once your network is built and has reached a point where you are comfortable with what you earn. Why continue to make extra effort? Stagnation is after all the key to maintaining your average status.

3. Never memorize scripts or practice your presentations. Memorizing scripts or planning superior, convincing presentations are for those network marketers who want to make it big in the home business industry. If you are going to maintain your comfort zone, there is no point in going through all this trouble.

4. Do not even consider goal setting. If your aim is to stay average, you will probably never succeed in any of your goals, so goal setting is a waste of time for you. Goal setting is for those who know where they want to get and who are ready for extra challenges. You don't need to experience this kind of pressure.

5. Avoid the process of systematizing your business. Constantly being on the lookout for improvements of your home business will get you among the best network marketers. If you do not want to be among these, just maintain your home business at an average level. Do not bother knowing where your files are when you need them and, even more important, do the same unnecessary work every single day.

Now, if being average is not for you, the best thing you can do is train yourself to avoid all these pitfalls by taking new challenges on a daily basis. Every person experiences them at some point in their careers. However, if you want to stay atop of things and fulfill your dreams you have to strive in order to get past these obstacles and attain something which is really unique and consistent.

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