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             28 February, 2021

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Giblink - Global Internet Business Link And Revenue Sharing

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2007-11-27 05:10:26     
Article by Nang Quach

You must take look at Gibline. The Gibline Global Internet Business with over 15,000 members in 30 days is creating a global phenomenon and with more people continuing to join, you can play a part and greatly benefit from "Gibline's" network of business entrepreneurs. The time has now come for everyone to join the global marketplace and, in the process, change the way the world does business. In a world full of incredible success stories, a chapter has now been written with you in it! This remarkable internet business was developed as a way to help the average person receive large amounts of income from home without spending much time, money, or effort.

The program is a Global Revenue sharing and social networking system that works by using the principles of individual financial gain through group cooperation. It is designed for people who want to earn money and take back their freedom. It is the perfect business for people who are tired of spending all of their money on advertising without any sales to show for it.

The Internet focus now is on the social networking business also known as Web 2.0 and advertising. What if you had the chance to revenue share with the owners of MySpace, YouTube, GoDaddy or Google? You know the answer would be" The Greatest Opportunity Ever". Companies like MySpace, YouTube, GoDaddy, and Google are successful because they each meet the need of the user to establish connections with other people around the world. With Gibline, this need is primarily met through a new medium called business/social networking also referred to as Web 2.0. It is ushering in a new development to the multi-billion dollar internet explosion that is poised to rival the likes of MySpace, YouTube, GoDaddy, and Google.

Now imagine for a moment the potential of a company that could bring all of the best elements of these companies under one roof with a focus on a business social networking community. It would be designed for small, medium, and even home business entrepreneurs around the world with a primary objective to promote, advertise, and expand their core business to compete in the global marketplace. This is the "GibLine" business model.

Forbes.com published our Press Release because we had a documented attendance of over 20,000 on a single conference call!

In order to grow it into an enormous new social networking community rapidly, the Revenue Sharing Program has been designed to share the financial success with all members who help build it. To ensure that GibLine is established as the dominating business community globally, the company has designed an innovative plan to allow members to profit from GibLine's growth. Collective Intelligence Means: NO ONE Gets Left Behind!

In just one month, GibLine and GibLink BOTH have Alexa Traffic Ranks of under 5,000 in the U.S. and Canada!

Gibline is one of the most affordable income generating systems and business social networks available anywhere, more and more business opportunity seekers and entrepreneurs are jumping on board and enrollment records are being set. You can join GibLine and establish a membership for as little as $50 at the Standard Membership and $150 at the Pro Membership.

You can listen to both the GibLink Opportunity Overview and GibLine Revenue Sharing calls from my website, make up your own mind, and be Fully Qualified for our unprecedented Revenue Sharing Plan for only $150!

To learn more about the GibLine Revenue Sharing Program and how you can start your own business, visit: http://www.gibline.com/nsq

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URL: http://www.mygibline.com
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