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             23 January, 2021

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Acumen Heart Rate Monitor Review

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2007-04-12 09:13:39     
Article by Brad Cra

The increasingly hectic lifestyles and extended life expectancies in all developed and developing economies has ushered in a concept which is scarcely amazing - that the need of hour for most is a fitness regime!

Heart Rate Monitors

The fitness enthusiast would ideally need a personal trainer for optimal workouts - this may not be viable or acceptable to the fitness enthusiast - this then makes it imperative that a more convenient alternative may be identified - the heart rate monitor!

The heart rate monitor then could well replace a personal trainer with amazing results considering that it can prompt and warn with the detached fairness which only an instrument could deliver! - For it is data driven and logic driven at all times.

The heart rate monitors are primarily devices which receive, transmit and display the heart rate at any point of time during the workout - to further elaborate - it works on the concept of receiving the heart rate of the fitness enthusiast at any point of time and transmitting the same to a wrist heart rate monitor which is primarily a receiving and display unit!

Acumen Heart Rate Monitor Personified

If heart rate monitors are the preferred option - the Acumen Heart Rate Monitors are the pick of options!

The Acumen Heart Rate Monitors come equipped with a wide array of features which could well be considered the preferred option for those initiating the fitness process.

The Acumen Heart Rate Monitor then is evidently both user friendly and effective for is comes equipped with the basic functions which cannot be ignored while it does not possess the more complicated of features which are seldom used by most fitness enthusiasts who workout to keep fit rather than for competitive sports!


The salient features of the Acumen Heart Rate Monitor then invariably has features of the likes of:

• Calorie counter
• Target Zone Set Up Protocol with an inbuilt audible alarm
• The Heart Rate Monitor

The Acumen Heart Rate Monitor then is the most basic of all Acumen Heart Rate Monitors and comes equipped - like most Acumen Heart Rate Monitors with the likes of easy to use visual display units and has the benefit of having replaceable batteries which make it more user friendly than most heart rate monitors!

The more discerning of buyers are as price sensitive as any other and are known to prefer a Heart Rate Monitor which is both users friendly as well as cost effective - there then could well be few parallels to the Acumen Heart Rate Monitor per se!

The Acumen Heart Rate Monitor them may not be the most high end of all heart rate monitors - nevertheless it is inarguably the most universally acceptable of all - considering that it come replete with the most commonly used features and invariably does not possess the features which are seldom used by most fitness enthusiasts!

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