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             01 December, 2023

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The Most Important Thing When You Workout

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2007-04-11 09:22:10     
Article by Lev Tsimbler

If someone asks you: "What is the most important thing when I workout?" what would you answer? Many different answers might follow. Some of them might be: "you should learn/read related literature", "find good trainer" or "buy the "correct" supplement/s". In my opinion the most important thing is to think. Yes, think.

Many people don't think about their training. It's rather common phenomenon that was already mentioned by other instructors and trainers. I'll demonstrate this phenomenon through several examples. Before I do so I'll define the "think" term that's used by me.

By think I mean:
1. Planning. Includes: short and long time goals, planning a program according these goals.
2. Ask the question "Why?" from time to time.
3. Using common sense.

An example of planning and common sense:
Once I approached one of my trainees, an accountant by profession. I was trying to convince him to use a training diary. Our conversation was pretty much like this:
Me: "In you profession, as an accountant, you write data during whole day."
Customer: "Yes."
Me: "Can you image firm's financial report that aren't written? Can you imagine verbal income statement?"
Customer: "No."
Me: "And still you don't want to manage training diary. Without a diary the chances of your success aspire to zero."
Customer: Smiled.
I've conducted conversations of this kind with many successful and educated business-man. Journaling is such a simple idea. It's needed to check whether you planning works and still it's ignored by so many people.

Another example (using the why question):
Person1: "You should do super sets?"
Person2: "Why?"
Person1:"Blood circulation yada, yada, yada..."
Person2:"How many percentages this blood circulation will improve my results by?"
Person1: No comment.
What if it'll improve your results by 1%? Then maybe super sets aren't that important?

By these two small examples I wanted to show the irrationality when it comes to training. In the bottom line, use common sense and think before you workout. I understand that after a long working day this might seem not such a simple request. But if you want to achieve your goals you have to.

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