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             18 January, 2022

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You Don't Need a Routine to Exercise At Home

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2007-06-16 11:14:13     
Article by James Penn

Exercising is meant to be healthy for your body and to help you burn some calories and lose weight. It's not meant to be a chore or a burden in your life. Most people who quit their exercise routine did so because exercise became a tedious chore and they began to dread the thought of it.

Some people work best keeping an exercise routine where they do the same exercises all of the time, but most people have other things going on in their lives and they can't exercise at the exact same time every day. Plus, most lose interest doing the same routine day after day.

Having a personal trainer can be beneficial, but they're not for everyone. A lot of people start to resent having to check in with a trainer and having to stick with a routine all of the time. Life happens and you can't always rush off to the gym to meet up with your trainer.

Trainers are good motivators, but when you think about it, why spend the money when you get just as much motivation from your spouse, friends or even your children? They're actually the best motivators you can find because they don't charge you anything for their services except maybe a smile or a hug.

You can get along just fine doing your own exercise routine at home. It can be done whenever you have the spare time and you don't have to answer to anyone but yourself.

You can watch your favorite shows while you exercise or read a book. You can exercise in short periods of time throughout the day instead of having to stick with a 45-minute regimen.

You can work in your own routine by mixing it with your regular every day activities. You can walk to work instead of drive, walk to the local store for those couple of items you need, or ride a bike to the post office.

You have more flexibility of mixing up your exercise program. If you do the same exercises all of the time, you'll lose interest fast. By mixing them up and changing the routine frequently, you'll start to look forward to exercising every day.

There won't be any standing in line to use the equipment at the gym, no putting up with the crowds and the noise - and embarrassment for some of working out in front of others.

Exercising at home is less stressful because you can exercise whenever you want and use whatever equipment you want. If setting up a routine with a gym or an exercise trainer is what you need, that's fine - but most people need something more flexible to their time.

Exercising at home enables you to get the exercise you need when your schedule allows. You're more likely to stick with this kind of routine than one that's stricter on you. Drop the gyms and trainers and exercise in your own home gym to become your own personal trainer in your world of fitness.

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