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             25 January, 2022

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Fitness: The Key To Great Running

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2007-02-28 07:59:06     
Article by Josh Scully

I have one simple and basic philosophy: get fit. Sounds easy enough, doesn't it? The problem is that most runners do not get FIT, I mean REALLY FIT. Let me explain this so you can see where I am coming from and why I suggest certain workouts. When I was coaching high school cross country, I had one runner, Christian who could run a 54 second 400, 1:59 800 and a 4:25 1600. Pretty FAST! These equate according to the "charts", that is he should be able to run a 4:25 mile if he can run a 54 second 400. However, the charts also say that he should be able to run a 15:10 5k. His best time was 15:53 almost 40 seconds off what is predicted. Now let's look at me, at the same time I could run a 5:05 mile, which suggests that I should be able to run a 17:20 5K.

And I can do both. It also says that I should be able to run a 65 second 400 and that was about right. My physiology and Christians are pretty much the same, so how could I get Christian to run faster over longer distance, so that he could run a 15:10 5k. Obviously, I do not need to have him do speedwork, he could run FAST. What he needs to do is longer distances faster. This is a fitness factor. The fitter you are, the faster you can run at longer distances. So the question is; how do we get more FIT? Here is what it boils down to. Say if you are paired up against a runner that can run a 5 minute mile and you can run a 5: 30 minute mile, you can still beat that runner at a 5k. How? A FITTER runner can run longer at a higher intensity than a less fit runner, even though the other runner is "faster".

A FITTER runner runs longer and faster with less stress than a less fit runner. Well, it is real simple. We need to push your FITNESS level with the types of runs I am advocating. It means running fast by not running fast, paradox! Over time, as you do these workouts they will get done earlier and earlier and will be easier and easier because you are getting more fit. You won't even have to "run" fast, it will just happen. When I first started running, I would 8-10 miles at 8 minute mile pace. But now at the same effort as back then, I can run it at 7 minute mile pace. I am not any "faster" as far as speed goes, I am more fit! Most coaches seem to not understand this. So take it to your advantage. You may not be the speediest runner in the world but you can very fit.

This is one of your secret weapons. Let's get FIT! Very little here will be geared at running FAST but will be geared to getting FIT. This is SMART RUNNING.

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