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Types of Paper That Can Be Used To Make Flowers

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2007-02-06 22:22:59     
Article by Sarah H

There are many different types of paper which can be used for making paper flowers. For instance Pith paper which is smooth and white as a bone, it comes from the pith of the Tetrapanax papyriferum plant (Hook). This plant remained a mystery for years until samples of the pith paper were carried back to England to be studied by Botanists among them Sir William J. Hooker, hence the nickname (Hook). In the 1950's a living specimen of this plant was exported to England. It originated in the swampy forest of China and Taiwan where it is referred to as "tung-tsao" which means "hollow-plant", "toong-tsao" or "bok-shung" and has been used for making artificial flowers and decorations for centuries however, it became popular in the eighteen hundreds as a surface for watercolors paintings.

In order to produce the Pith paper, the boughs have to be boiled and freed from bark and the cut up core of the pith is then rolled on a hard flat surface against a knife, where it is cut into thin sheets of fine ivory-like material. The white sheets are used mainly for watercolor surfaces and the dyed sheets are used solely for the use of creating artificial flowers.

Mulberry is used to make the paper which is commonly mistaken for Rice Paper but is not actually made from Rice at all but from fibers of the bark of the Mulberry Tree. It was called Rice Paper because it was used to make packets for rice. The fiber comes from the bark of the tree and not from the pith or inner wood and the paper is traditionally made solely by hand. This type of paper is also known as (washi, kozo, gampi or mitsumata) depending on which type of Mulberry Tree is used to make it. The branches are harvested in the fall so the fiber is processed and the paper formed during the winter months, because the fiber goes bad in the heat.

Paper flowers can also be made from Tissue Paper, which is the easiest and cheapest paper to work with on these projects. Tissue paper comes in different grades and colors so there is quite a variety to choose from. For example you have tissue paper napkins, toilet tissue paper and paper towels which are also made of a stronger type of tissue and which comes in different patterns and colors making for brighter and more colorful flowers. It is so simple to use that even young children can make paper flowers with them, without much adult supervision. Another type of paper is Cupcake Wrappers, which is a sort of grease proof paper, which is also easy to manage and suitable for small children. Cupcake Wrappers are usually used to make cupcake flowers and Cupcake Corsages.

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