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             20 October, 2021

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Keep Koi Pond Design Simple For Easy Pond Maintenance

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2009-11-18 06:11:37     
Article by Alan Deacon

Koi fish are one of the most beautiful aquatic animals and among some of the most adored pets in many families. Due to this, designer koi ponds are in high demand in many gardens. By incorporating a beautiful koi pond design you will not only enhance the look of your garden, but also make it more serene.

There is no particular design plan that must be followed, you can choose the look you want. These ponds can be built in many shapes and sizes but a bigger pond is considered better, as Koi grow very fast.

A Koi pond can be designed in any shape and size. If you are bitten by the bug of creativity, you can give a unique and beautiful look to your pond.

The first step of Koi pond design includes a decision upon the shape of the pond. Nonetheless there are numerous constraints on it, as you have to struggle with landscape problems, perfect location, etc. Therefore, design must be prepared while keeping all these constraints in mind.

The decisions of location and landscape can be controlled. You can also be creative by doing an irregular design, but no negotiation can be done with the depth of the Koi pond.

Koi fish grow up to 3 to 6 inches a year and minimum life span of this lovely, ornamental fish is twenty five years (in favorable conditions). Because of this they require a good-sized swimming space.

If the Koi pond design is bigger, it would be able to accommodate more fish. An ideal Koi pond should contain a minimum of 1600 gallons of water (when ratio of depth, breadth and length is in appropriate proportions).

For those who want to bring their pond design in harmony with design of their homes, they can do that by adorning these ponds with beautiful stones. You can choose the color of the stone to be similar to shades of your walls

If you have a lack of space you can give any shape to your pond design you find necessary but the rectangular and oblong ponds are considered the best shaped designs. To make the designing of your Koi pond easier, you need to keep it simple.

A simple design allows for better water movement and better filtration. This is not possible with complex designing. Even though a complex design may look spectacular, it incorporates many problems in proper flow of the water. It is very difficult to clean a complex pond as well.

This can lead to poor health of your fish and can be life threatening for them. Hence, you must pay attention to a proper design to keep your lovable pets alive and cheerful.

A simple fish pond design can look beautiful with some embellishments. You can use small stones to adorn the edge of the pond or decorate it with multicolored lighting and plants.

But, the most important thing is to keep the water clear, and that can be done only with the help of regular filtration. Hence, always try to keep simplicity as the basis for your Koi pond design.

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