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             25 February, 2021

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Broadband Phone: Voice Over Internet Telephone Made Cheap & Easy

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2006-12-16 23:39:33     
Article by Daymon Hoag

Do you want to make cheap Internet phone calls with VoIP, but are tired of always having to use your computer and headphones, or possibly your favorite messenger to make phone calls online? Thought about using a broadband phone company but not sure what you need or even if your technical aptitude is up to par with such techie computer gadgets? You'll be surprised how easy installing broadband phone service really is.

No, you don't need a degree in rocket science to hook up your broadband phone service, and after about 5 minutes or less of plugging in a few cords, you'll be glad you took the time because broadband phone service is cheap. Dirt cheap! You'll quite literally save hundreds on your phone bill each and every year, even if you don't use long distance. Some broadband phone providers offer unlimited local, plus long distance for about half of what many traditional phone companies charge for local phone service alone.

You only need three things to use broadband phone service:

A broadband Internet connection like cable, or DSL.
Just a regular touch tone telephone like you have now.
A broadband telephone adaptor which normally is supplied with service.

If you have broadband Internet like cable, DSL, satellite, or even T1, there is no need to worry about the right kind of Internet connection or who your ISP is because it makes no difference as long as you have some form of broadband Internet. Dial-up Internet will not work, and if you're using dial-up, but are considering saving money with broadband phone service you might want to do an online price quote at GetConnected.com for broadband Internet service since these days it can often times be as cheap or cheaper than dial-up.

No more headphones, microphones, messengers, software or even having your computer turned on to make cheap calls over the Internet! With a broadband phone service plan you can just pick up your telephone to make and receive telephone calls the same way you always have. You'll also be able to take advantage of features like caller ID, voice mail, speed dialing, auto call back, plus advanced features your traditional phone company didn't offer, like having voice mail sent to your e-mail or cell phone, or virtual phone numbers, even pick your area code so friends and family don't get a long distance charge for calling you.

Not techie? You don't have to be. Most broadband phone companies will send you a broadband phone adapter or DTA that you can install yourself in about five minutes or less. They even have online diagrams for those who want a visual interpretation, not to mention tech support. Just a few snaps of a couple wires, and sometimes a quick phone call and you're on your way to money saving bliss. Still not convinced? Then just give that computer geek you know a call to help you set it up. Once you see it done, it's so easy you'll never forget.

So why is broadband phone service so cheap? Would it surprise you to know you're traditional telephone company has been ripping you off for years? OK, so no big surprise there, but I'll give you the low down anyway. Turns out broadband phone, and traditional phone services use the exact same grid for transferring phone calls. The Internet. The difference is your traditional phone company has been charging you to send your calls to that grid, where with broadband phone service your DTA, or broadband phone adapter handles that for you and doesn't charge you a dime. You're truly just paying for the service.

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