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Conferencing Solution Empowers Communication In MNCs

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2015-11-02 07:22:25     
Article by Jullie Potter

Communication is one of the core requirements of any organization. The companies need to support the uninterrupted communication between different business entities. These business entities can be the staff members, clients, prospects, vendors, etc. Moreover, the MNC companies have different local and international branches. Thus, the MNCs need to make sure that they not only have the communication tool, but also have a powerful collaboration platform. These MNCs need to ensure that the communication cost can be reduced at possible extent, too. So the funds can be used in other important channels. The modern conferencing solutions can satisfy these core needs of the MNCs.

The conferencing solution offers a powerful platform for the company to conduct small to large conferences. Nowadays, there are SIP based conferencing solutions available in the market, which use the VoIP technology to initiate and tearing down the call. This reduces the communication cost remarkably. The conferencing solution comes with the galore of features, which support many routine tasks of the organization. Let’s explore some of the day to day operations of the MNCs and how conferencing solution can be beneficial in those.

Product demo
The MNCs have the international clients and prospects. Thus, the sales executives need to demonstrate the products to them. The conferencing solution supports different conference modes. One of them is “presentation” mode. This can be very useful feature to give demos to many clients at the same time. This is the best conference mode when the company has launched a new product. The demo can be given to all the clients altogether. Moreover, the conferencing solutions offer file sharing. Thus, the catalogue, product brochure and related materials can be shared hassle-free.

Team meetings
In MNC companies, the key executives might sit in different locations. Still, the regular meetings need to be held to discuss important points and to take important decisions. The conferencing solution satisfies this collaboration need. In the market, multi-tenant conferencing solutions are available. This type of solution collaborates the remote branches. It can connect both local and long distance offices. Moreover, it uses SIP to support calling features. This makes the long distance calls cheaper. So using this conferencing solution the executives of the MNC can conduct the team meeting as and when they want to without getting worried about anything else.

The MNC companies recruit new people now and then due to their rapid growth. This creates the massive requirement of training the new employees. Moreover, rapidly changing technology and work space creates the need of technical sessions for the company executives. Many enterprises also hold the training sessions to sharpen the soft skills of the staff. These sessions can be taken by the company professional, team leader or an international domain expert. The conferencing solution provides a great tool for this. The company can conduct a training session, workshop, etc. with a tens to thousands of participants. This means that all the executives of all different branches can take part in the session together. That also cost-effectively. Moreover, the conferencing solution also provides recording feature. Thus, the training sessions can be recorded for the future use. The conferencing solution comes along with the feature like “raise hand’. Using this feature the QA sessions can also be conducted to resolve the queries after the conference.

There are many more features like different security integration, inbuilt phone book, active speaker display, etc., which empowers the communication as well as the collaboration of the MNC companies. The conferencing solution is a must have entity for any MNC.

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