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Celebrity Hairstyles - Model Your Hair On These Famous Faces

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2006-12-11 23:55:52     
Article by Brooke Hayles

You expect the celebrities to have hairstyles that are trendy, even trend-setting. For a start, they have access to top hair professionals, and money to buy all the best hair products and treatments available. If you're wondering what hairstyle is in fashion, then looking at celebrity hairstyles is a good place to begin.

However, there are some things to consider before you copy that celebrity hairstyle:

- Do you have a team of hair professionals on call to tidy up your hair at a moment's notice? If not, don't expect your hairstyle to remain looking fabulous all day. If you like the look of a particular celebrity hairstyle, ask your hairstylist how much work is involved in producing the end result. Then check with yourself if you have the time for the blow-drying, curling, straightening, sculpturing etc. For example, the Jennifer Aniston look requires two sets of conditioning to straighten the hair, then shaping gel and calming serum, finishing with the use of the flat iron. If you don't have time for this type of routine, go for something that looks great but doesn't need a lot of fuss and bother to get it looking good.

- Does your shape face suit the celebrity hairstyle? It may look absolutely fabulous on Jennifer Lopez but it may do nothing enhancing for you. Check these celebrity face shapes with suitable hairstyles.

Oval face: Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts have this shape face. You could wear you hair from short to long, which ever suits your life-style.

Round face: Kate Winslet and Drew Barrymore have round faces. A short hairstyle swept back from the face will give you more height and fullness.

Rectangular/oblong face: Gwyneth Paltrow and Kirstie Alley shaped faces look better with short or medium hair, with bangs to soften the face. Avoid long hair.

Square face: Demi Moore and Sandra Bullock are included in this set. Short and medium length hairstyles are best suited keeping away from long hair.

Heart face: Ashley Judd and Michelle Pfeiffer look good with chin length or long hair. Stay away from short hair.

Triangular face: Kathy Ireland shape-faces should be wearing hair either short or tied at the nape.

Diamond face: Linda Evangelista and Katherine Hepburn type faces can wear any length of hair and look fabulous.

- Is your hair type suited to the celebrity hairstyle that you'd like? Some styles are created by the use of a flat-iron to get the straight look. If you want a style that is dead straight and you have hair with a natural curl, this is going to take some time! On the other hand, if you want the romantic, long tresses of curls and your hair hasn't a single wave to it, you're going to need a salon semi-perm or daily curling. Try to find a celebrity hairstyle that fits your hair type for ease of maintenance.

Celebrity hairstyles are constantly changing. What was a fashion statement only a year ago has already been replaced by something new. To keep up with the fashion trends use the internet. There are many sites dedicated to the latest trends. Compare what they say, and then, using what you know about yourself, find a celebrity hairstyle that is fashionable and makes you look fantastic too.

SUMMARY If you want a fashionable style, look to the celebrities. However, make sure that the celebrity hairstyles you like suit your face shape and hair type.

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