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Tips on Garden Weddings

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2006-12-11 23:53:56     
Article by Jennifer Schafer

The 21st century has brought much change in the world of tradition. Once time honored traditions have changed and evolved. For example, during the 20th century no one could have imagined sending an RSVP to a wedding via the couple’s website! Even the tradition of where to wed has evolved. Unique and creative locales like art museums, zoos, and beaches have displaced the conventional church wedding as the popular choice among young brides. However, one custom has withstood the changing wedding ideal and has actually grown in popularity—the garden wedding. Simple, elegant, whimsical, or candlelit, the garden wedding can fulfill all of your wedding day dreams. Garden weddings are best suited for spring and early summer when the plants and petals are blossoming, and the sweet scent of gardenia and jasmine fill the air.

Houston and the surrounding areas are blossoming with gardens to choose from. Many are private and you would only know about them through word of mouth, but others are open for all to enjoy like city parks and rose gardens. If you are considering a garden wedding talk to your wedding coordinator about garden location’s in Houston. Perhaps a family friend will open up their garden oasis for your nuptials. Keep in mind that with all outdoor weddings the weather can play a big role, so always have a secondary plan just in case of inclimate weather.

Another tip to keep in mind is the local nature. This is Houston and we do have mosquitoes, flies, bees, etc. and spring and summer welcome all these creatures. This does not have to be a deterrent for you. Keep the mood light and fun with small favors of unscented bug spray. Your guests will appreciate the thought and detail you put into planning such a beautiful day and for keeping their comfort in mind.

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