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             31 October, 2020

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Organize Your Purse in 5 Minutes

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2006-12-10 01:38:40     
Article by Karla Ruzycki-Davis

Does carrying around your heavy purse drive you crazy? Does it take forever to hunt for your ringing cell phone amidst the chaos inside? Are you carrying around receipts and coupons from years ago? It is time to do something about it!

Empty the contents of your purse onto a table or floor:

Sort in 4 piles: garbage, reallocation, keep in purse, to be filed
Start with obvious trash items like candy wrappers, tissues, old business cards and papers.. Take it straight to the trash when you are done cleaning out the purse. Once the purse is free of garbage move onto to what you know you will keep in your purse.
Items to Keep: These should include keys, wallet, sunglasses in case, cell phone, PDA device, working pen, gum(or mints) , floss if you like and a toothbrush. You might also require a small tissue packet and a lip balm/gloss or lipstick and one hairclip or tie. If you plan to keep makeup place it in a small Ziploc bag. You may also want either a brush or comb. In a smaller side pocket you might keep a small pack of medication or feminine hygiene products.
Items to reallocate would be things like kids toys, lint rollers, extra pens, pads of paper, cassette tapes, extra hairclips, combs, brushes, hairspray
File any receipts, documents, appointment cards etc. right away as to avoid losing them altogether.

**Store groups of items in small snack size Ziploc bags. This makes hunting for lipgloss easy when you aren't going through everything, but one bag.

Open up the wallet and do the same as you did with the purse.

Remove any old coupons, receipts, papers, and throw them away.
Find any appointment cards business cards that need to be filed and do so now. Find a home for foreign coins and bills.
Keep all relevant cards, stamps, credit cards and your own country's currency in a small amount. Make photocopies of all important credit cards and documentation in case you lose something.

Keep your purse and wallet organized by weekly going through it and removing receipts, trash, papers and cards that don't belong. Remove all the pens you collect and see if you can't make your purse lighter by dumping out the change and trading for bills at the bank or local coin changer. Store all baby and kids items in a separate diaper bag or knapsack as to not turn your handbag into a dumping ground.

Karla Davis is the President of Restoring Order. She is a Professional Organizer, Interior Decorator as well as Public Speaker. She specializes in organizing homes, office spaces and has over 10 years of experience and success within inside/outside Sales and Marketing. Karla is also the wife of Author, Paul Davis and is currently writing two books of her own. Karla's life mission is to positively transform the homes and lives of everyone she meets.

Please contact Karla for your Professional Organizing, Interior Decorating, or Professional Speaking needs at:

Karla Davis
Restoring Order
P.O. Box 684
Goldenrod, FL 32733

Specialized in: Organize - Purse
URL: http://www.paulnkarla.com
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