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             26 November, 2020

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2006-12-08 23:46:01     
Article by John Lowery

Why are some folks so successful while others just get by? Why do some see the glass half empty while others see if half full. To live is to dream, to die is to quit dreaming. If your living a life that is full of dullness, it's time you take life by the horns and start dreaming again. It's been said that dreams belong to the few who dare to make them come true.

I love it when I come up with a new idea and I share it with someone and they tell me - You can't do that. Most successful people tell you, that they had deaf ears when it came to OPO's (OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS). I'm not talking about doctors, lawyers, or accountants, that's a very safe career path. I'm talking about the real successful - Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Donald Trumps of the world. The guys who went out there with guts and came out with Glory. Yeah you might say they got lucky. Luck is always part of the game. But had they listened to their influences early on, they might never have gotten where they are today. And don't forget Donald Trump owed 10 billion to a 100 different banks just barely 10 years ago. If he had given up, where would he be today?

You have 2 choices in life when you wake up every day they are: Fear or Faith. If you want to be successful you have to choose faith, because life is full of opportunities and difficulties. Most obstacles that we face in life is in our heads. It's been said a million times that your attitude will determine your altitude and I firmly believe it.

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