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             22 January, 2021

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The Social Nature of Alcoholism

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2006-12-07 02:25:46     
Article by John Gutenburg

For many, alcohol is a way to socialize and enjoy the company of others. But for many users, the social drink turns into solitary drink, and the social drinker may earn the name of alcoholic. Alcohol has become a destructive force.

Alcoholism covers a wide range of behaviours, but is defined by a single identifiable trait: addiction to alcohol. Initially alcohol may not be a problem, as the drinks consumed are few. But as the number of drinks grow, so do the problems, and a person may be left in serious trouble without realizing what has happened.

Alcohol relaxes the body and calm the mind, easing the stress and pain that can come with daily life. Given the hectic nature of today┬┤s modern lifestyle, anything that relieves stress will be a very attractive option. For many, the challenges of modern living become too much, and alcohol may seem like the only way out.

Alcoholics who are in denial attempt to justify their actions. Their alcohol use is blamed on the outside environment, and not on themselves. They are not addicts in their own eyes, that term is reserved for users of illicit drugs.

To face an addiction, an addict must recognize the source of their addiction. Common indications include drinking alone, spending a large percentage of their money on alcohol, common visits to bars or pubs, and a necessity for alcohol to deal with stressful or demanding situations. Some physical indications include trembling, isolation, missing work, and mood swings.

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