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             27 October, 2021

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Finding Your Passion ..."Make Love, Not Time"

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2006-12-07 02:23:01     
Article by Marian Baker

One of my coaching clients was feeling crunched for time, stressed, somewhat fatigued and beginning to see almost everything as a have-to-do. (Raise your hand if you always have too much time & energy in your life and can't relate at all. )

A fascinating light bulb moment occurred to him when he caught himself totally enthused about creating a special Halloween costume for a party. Wasn't it curious how he somehow found the time and energy to devote to this creation amidst an already crowded, potentially overwhelming schedule. In spite of a busy month, I somehow found extra energy, going to some trouble to make chocolate spiders and decorate for Halloween. (I also remember my "New Choices" workshop program and binder writing itself with passionate late nights at the computer while I was still doing consulting as my day job.)

Hit the pause button and recall times when you have experienced something similar.

The life lesson seems to be --When the passion is there, we create the time. (I am not encouraging you to just cram more into your busy life.)

So, the trick is to always be discovering our "Passion Points"--- noticing what is fulfilling, what is not and proactively creating more fulfillment opportunities. Be careful to not mistake the surface stuff for your true passion. It's not about the Halloween costume. What's underneath that?…creative expression, playfulness, recognition from sharing the creation, etc. Each of us needs to be on a quest for becoming our true selves-finding those gifts that produce that aliveness in the moment. Be aware that it's not necessarily what we do for income (seek in the bigger picture/whole life). I believe all of us find our joy in knowing our gifts and sharing these in the world. So, this holiday season, keep "shopping" for your gifts!

Question/Tool: Go hunting for Passion Points in your memories of fulfillment zones and look for clues of values honored and needs met. Start a daily awareness journal for a while, noting what you discover in each day about Passion Points… or "Energizers vs. Drainers."

Then, imagine proactively creating more Passion Point opportunities in your daily work/life.

What will you try this week?

Book Suggestion: "How Much Joy Can You Stand?" by Suzanne Falter-Barnes is an easy-to-digest small book with many "Try this" exercises to renew passion and curb entropy.

"Live up to the light you have, and more will be granted." - From a Quaker Journal

Copyright (c) 2006 Marian Baker

Marian Baker’s new book, Wake Up Inspired: Fuel Healthier Success and Love the Life You’re Meant to Lead equips today’s achieving women to go beyond “balance” to create a blend of a healthy, joyful spirit and real world ambition. Selected as one of 50 top coaches in America, Marian is a master certified coach/author/speaker who falls asleep grateful in Chicago.

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