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The Law of Attraction - 3 Tips on How to Make it Work For You

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2009-09-14 03:06:51     
Article by Shawn Lim

Are you trying to manifest your desire by using the law of attraction? After the launch of The Secret, this law has become one of the most sought after laws of the universe. In fact, there are many laws out there, but the attraction law is the law that will help most people attain what they want into their life and that is why it is so popular.

Even though this law is a proven principle, however, there are many people who fail to manifest their desire into their life. Why is this so? Here are the 3 simple tips that will make the law of attraction works for you...

1. The law states that what you think in your mind will come true into your life. In other words, you are who you think you are. Therefore, you will have to visualize the success and the desire you want all the time in order to make them into reality. Actually, this is what successful people do all the time. They think about what they want in their life every single day. And that is why they are successful. They manifest their dreams and their desire into reality.

2. Most people fail to manifest what they want into their life simply because they are not thinking about what they want most of the time. Instead, most people will think about what they do not want. For example, most people will think that they are poor and unable to live in bungalow or drive luxury car instead of thinking that everything is possible for them. Thus, to make the law of attraction working for you, you have to clear your limiting thoughts.

3. This law is not a magic wand. It is impossible for you to be a millionaire by simply thinking about it but doing nothing. The attraction law is just working as a door to your desire. Whenever you think about what you want, you will automatically come up with answer and how to achieve them. The more you think about it, the more open your mind will be and you will eventually find a lot of opportunities available to you.

Stop wasting your precious time, money and even your hope into the law of attraction before you finally figure out what exactly it is. Do you know that this law is incomplete? Bob Proctor - one of the key figures in "The Secret", believes that the law of attraction is incomplete, and for the first time reveals the 11 Forgotten Laws that will finally uncover the law's true potential.

It is not that the law of attraction does not work for you. It is just that you have not discover the true potential of the law and how the other laws will help you manifest what you want into your life.

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