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             23 November, 2020

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Self Talk - That Little Voice - It's Your Choice

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2006-12-07 02:22:46     
Article by Rod Morgan

Have you ever listened to the self talk going on in your head? Have you considered the messages you are continually giving yourself? If you haven't, you might like to. If you have, are your messages to yourself mainly positive and supportive or negative and undermining?

Mere words have a profound effect on our mental and physical state. This is because the unconscious mind does not evaluate the information it receives, it just absorbs it. Rather like a baby, it doesn't question what it's told but simply believes it.

Further, the brain and body are inextricably linked as parts of the same integrated system. Therefore the body will automatically respond to the information received by the unconscious mind.

You might like to test this for yourself. Stand comfortably in front of a mirror. Say to yourself ten times, with real feeling,, "I am weak, depressed and unhappy". How do you feel? What does your posture look like in the mirror? What is the look in your eyes?

Next, say to yourself ten times with real feeling, "I am strong, positive and happy". Do you feel different? How's your posture? How's the look in your eyes?

And, it also works the other way round. Stand as if you're really depressed with your body sagging and your head hanging forward. Whilst standing like this try to feel strong and happy. Now stand as if you are strong and empowered and try to feel depressed.

So we can see that the mind and body are totally linked and that the state of one automatically affects the other, and vice versa.

We can improve our state therefore, and produce feelings of strength and wellbeing, by choosing to give ourselves positive self talk. And it's more powerful if the words we choose are really exciting such as, "I did that brilliantly", rather than "I did that rather well".

If we choose to use positive words we can change how we feel. We are at choice. This naturally takes practice but it's well worth the effort as it will enable us to feel empowered and happy much more of the time.

So there we have it -

1 Stop and listen to your self talk

2 Evaluate it

3 Change the negative words and messages to positive ones - and use exciting vocabulary

4 Keep repeating the positive words and messages to yourself

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