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             16 January, 2021

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An Indoor Wood Burning Furnace May Mean a New Career

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2006-11-26 00:33:16     
Article by Terry Price

Are you looking for an immensely cheap way to heat your home? Every year, you get that bite cutting into your pocket book every year when the mercury on the thermometer dips low. This article is really to give you some information on the indoor wood furnace and the outside wood furnace. First of all, it may sound elementary but it's useful to learn a bit about wood and some of its burning characteristics. A cord of wood stands 4 feet wide and 4 feet high and 8 feet long. In this measurement, there is an allowance made for air pockets, so you're going to get about 85 ft.³ out of a cord of wood. One pound of wood on the average produces 7500 BTU's of heat, regardless of the species.

One important consideration to remember is that dense heavy wood will deliver more heat per cord. You'll want to take this into consideration when comparing prices for different kinds of wood. Each log contains moisture, and it takes about 1,000 BTU's to evaporate the moisture from each pound. Dry wood produces 10 to 30% less creosote and is more usable to heat your home. It's a good idea to burn drier wood for an indoor wood burning furnace. A good practice to get into is to cut or buy green wood in the early spring or late winter, dry it as quickly as you can by cutting it to length and stack it so the air can circulate through the pile. If you stack the wood outside, make sure you cover it from the weather and hold it for 18 months, or if you can, indoor storage is certainly more preferable. Here is a very interesting tip for you! If you fell your own trees for your furnace, cut them in the spring or summer and leave them "unlimbed" until the leaves wither, as they will draw moisture out of the wood. Cut the wood to the longest length possible to fit in your firebox, as the longer it is, the longer the fire will hold. Seasoned wood carries about 20% moisture content.

One type indoor wood furnace is made by several manufacturers and you may want to consider goodman furnace as one of your choices. Essentially, all you do is put unsplit logs into the firebox and ignite them with kindling and paper. The firebox is ceramic and as the fire grows, fresh air flows through the air intake manifold and fans the flames. After the gas is heated to a temperature of 2,000°F, it then flows out of the firebox and down the flame path toward the exhaust vent. This incredibly hot air moves toward the vent and its energy passes through a fluid flowing through an internal heat exchanger. This heat transfer fluid reaches 180°F before circulating to an external heat exchanger, usually mounted on the back of the furnace. The energy produced by the furnace is then passed to the home heating system. This heat exchanger is usually sold as an option.

To control the operation of the furnace, there are usually dual aquastats. One controls the damper on the air intake manifold by monitoring the temperature of the heat transfer fluid. When the desired temperature is reached, the damper closes, shutting off the flow of fresh air and thus extinguishing the fire. When your home cools off and more heat is needed, the damper opens and the furnace re-fires. Heat that is stored in the refractory walls of the firebox will support automatic re-firing for up to two days. The second aquastat is wired to your home heating system, and will continue to run for a short period of time after the furnace shuts down and will dissipate residual heat from the fire.

The decision as to whether an outside wood furnace or an indoor wood furnace would be more suitable for your application will depend upon your personal preference. As the name implies, the outdoor wood furnace sits outdoors, much like a utility building and is usually 50 to 100 feet away and may be safer than an indoor one. The outdoor furnace concept is simple, safe and effective. The outdoor application also removes the danger of a wood- stove fire in the house. If you're considering a wood-fired heating system for your home, be sure to consult with the experts online. Also visit your local dealer and learn more about whether an indoor wood furnace or an outside wood furnace would be more suitable for you. Good luck!

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