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             06 December, 2023

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Ways to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

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2019-12-31 10:47:37     
Article by Roofwise

Not everyone knows how to make their roof energy-efficient. Even fewer roofing contractors in Raleigh NC and Wake Forest NC know how to do a quality job at it. It’s easy to miss out on some things that would improve the overall energy savings if you’re not informed.

There are many areas around your home that can experience heat loss. The roof is one such area. The science behind it is pretty simple. Warm air rises, so it’s obvious that it will go through the roof at some point – especially if it is not properly insulated. One-fourth of the total heat in your home is expected to go through the roof. That is not energy-efficient at all. You need to insulate your roof.

Do you want one of the best roofing solutions the industry has available? While alternative roof coatings may require several days to completely dry, urethane modified acrylic roof coating at Roofwise simply requires between two to six hours to be entirely ready to protect your roof. Once dried, the coating provides outstanding protection that normally would require two different coatings to provide for a usual roof coating.

Urethane modified acrylic coating in Raleigh NC and Wake Forest NC gives the same perks you would expect from any alternative urethane or acrylic coatings. Unlike the basic component coatings, however, this material can last longer while offering superior protection. You have several options in terms of preparation, though the process will change according to where it is being installed. If you need a flexible roof, this hybrid coating combines the durability of urethanes with the reflective features of acrylics. This enables the coating to provide full coverage protection in the heavy heat of summer. Urethane modified acrylic is so dependable.

If your roofing needs stronger protection from solar radiation, this coating can also provide your building with reflective capabilities that also entail better energy efficiency. As a matter of fact, the coating can deflect up to 85% of the sun’s heat away from the roof. Among the many energy-conserving roof coatings on the market, urethane modified acrylic is one of the best.

If you are interested in adding to the longevity of your roof system, as well as saving money on your monthly utility bills, make sure to give us a ring now at Roofwise, a Urethane Modified Acrylic Roof Installer. We’re among the few contractors providing this roof coating option in Raleigh NC and Wake Forest NC. Rely on our crew to supply you with urethane modified acrylic in Raleigh and Wake Forest NC you need it!

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