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The Benefits of a Treadmill Exercise Routine

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2006-11-22 00:52:55     
Article by Mark J Emslie

It has been known for many years that walking is one of the best exercises we can do to maintain our fitness levels. Such fitness certainly helps us to lead a healthier life and helps longevity. Personal fitness regimes are now extremely popular but there are still a multitude of people that do not undertake any form of exercise because either they simply do not want to or, which is commonly the case, they do not have the time to go down to the local gym on a regular basis.

A treadmill can be beneficial to those people given its convenience for home or office use. It is important though to devise a treadmill exercise routine or there will be a danger of the equipment laying dormant in some closet or other.

Benefits of a Treadmill Exercise Routine

Cardiovascular - Workouts on a treadmill are cardiovascular exercise which helps the heart muscle strengthen, improves blood circulation and sustains heart pressure.

Health - Regular exercise of this nature will maintain and improve fitness thereby providing a healthier life.

Longevity - A treadmill exercise routine assists the genetic traits of the exerciser and may help fulfil a longer life.

Convenience - The treadmill exercise routine does not have to take a lot of time and can be undertaken to fit in with your lifestyle, whether that be during a lunch break, before going to work etc.

A typical treadmill exercise routine would encompass:

- Hill climbs

- Speed intervals

- Strength moves

- Power mix

- Cardio walks

- Incline intervals

The routine would not necessarily include all these for each period of exercise. Normally a weekly or monthly plan would be drawn up with say cardio walks undertaken on day 1, speed intervals on day 2 etc. Dependant on fitness levels, strength moves may not be built into the routine until a few weeks down the line.

Whatever treadmill exercise routine you devise, if maintained, you will enjoy a healthier lifestyle and heck, you may even enjoy it!

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