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Custom Baby Bedding

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2006-06-16 19:00:33     
Article by Kent Pinkerton

Custom baby bedding is the ultimate luxury for you and your baby. When planning your nursery, you may have a non-standard crib size or unique wallpaper or wall finish that might make it difficult to find ready-made bedding. It’s worth investigating custom baby bedding either locally or on the Internet. You might just find that the cost of a custom set is lower than you think – often lower than high-end designer sets. Here are some things to know about designing your own baby bedding.

When designing custom baby bedding, the baby’s safety and comfort should be the first consideration. Fabric should be 100% cotton, colorfast, durable and, most importantly, washable time after time. Stain resistance is a nice feature to have. Avoid things like applique or fringe that might come off and cause choking if ingested by the baby. Although fabrics like chenille might seem attractive, they should be avoided in favor of simpler, smoother fabrics.

When shopping for custom baby bedding, know your source. Be sure to get cost estimates from several designers, and be sure to ask lots of questions. If you have your own fabric, be sure the designer will allow you to use it, and reduce their price accordingly. Don’t compromise your baby’s safety by placing too much emphasis on style. Pillows, for example, aren’t appropriate in a young baby’s crib. Crib bumpers are somewhat controversial – some people think that, although they protect the baby from the hard sides of the crib, they present some danger of suffocation like pillows do.

So do your homework, choose a reputable designer and keep an eye on costs. Your custom baby bedding may take 4-6 weeks to complete, but it will be exactly what you want in terms of fabric, color and concept.

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