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             13 December, 2018


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Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Ideas (Popularity: )
The next day after Thanksgiving is marked by the appearance of a seemingly endless stream of turkey sandwiches. It is, in its own way, part of the American Thanksgiving tradition. But is slapping a few slabs of white and dark on wheat with a smear of Mayo the only thing to do with leftovers from the big meal? Of course not! There are endless possibilities to explore with the remains ...

I Dare You! I Double Dare You To Make Your Own Pie Crust (Popularity: )
There is much to be said about the phrase home made. Sure some people can say they made it themselves, but it really is not home made if a store bought pie crust is used. Of course that is my personal opinion. If you make something at home I guess you could say it was home made. I should probably use the phrase, made from scratch. I am as guilty as ...

Venison Country Pepper Steak (Popularity: )
Deer hunting season is over and you have venison to deal with. What do you do? Here is what my hunters do. The venison should be left to age for 10-14 days in temperature between 35-42 degrees without the hide before processing. If the temperature is warmer than that the meat is cut up and refrigerated, canned in jars or frozen. Some is ground up for burger. Some is made ...

A Bushel a Day (Popularity: )
Growing a vegetable garden has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. It was an essential part of survival for my ancestors. How well we ate during the winter months depended on how much the garden produced. Root vegetables were generally stored in the root cellar. Years ago every family had one. The vegetables that did not keep well were processed in glass jars. ...

The Special Pickle Jar (Popularity: )
I am a firm believer in organic food. Anything that is made or preserved without chemicals tastes much better than something that contains ingredients that a person can not pronounce. If I can not pronounce it I will not eat it. There are dozens of different pickles in supermarkets today. I think I have tried every mass produced brand there is. They all look delicious in the jars. If they tasted ...

Cooking with a Wood Fired Barbecue (Popularity: )
Long before the advent of charcoal briquettes and propane people were cooking their meals over wood fueled fires. From the days of cave-men to less than one hundred years ago wood was the fuel of choice when it came to cooking. In this modern age we are constantly looking for a faster, cleaner and easier way to do everything, including preparing our meals. This has led to the development of ...

Cooking - Pate A Choux (Choux Paste) (Popularity: )
Choux is the French name for cabbage and these small dollops of puff paste do indeed expand in the oven to resemble tiny cabbage heads. Choux pastry is versatile and can be formed into a huge variety of shapes and can be filled with an even greater variety of fillings and creams. Choux pastries can be used as delicious sweet deserts or tasty savory bites. Choux paste is the basis for ...

Cooking - Stocks (Popularity: )
A vital ingredient in many sauces, soups and other foods is a stock. And no store bought stock can compare with a stock that is a home made one. To make a stock instead of having to use tender young ingredients it is best to use meat from older animals and mature vegetables. These are then simmered slowly for a long time to extract every ounce of flavor. Some people, those ...

Cooking - Liver (Popularity: )
All liver is a great source of iron and B vitamins and should be a regular part of a healthy diet and if cooked correctly liver can be delicious. Although liver does have bad press and many people will not even consider trying it. Sometimes it calls for the cook to be somewhat inventive to get people to try liver. There are many recipes to choose from and it is ...