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             29 January, 2020

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You Can Become Financially Free in 5 Years

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2009-10-22 06:20:55     
Article by Ryan Mclean

Obviously the decision to buy a house is a huge one, something that many of us are not ready for yet. But I would just suggest you set some goals for where you want to be in 5 years. Like how much cashflow do you want, what capital do you want, etc etc. For me and my wife it is our goal to be financially free in 5 years. So every work/investment choice I make is so I can get financially free in 5 years.

Our goal is to have all our passive income greater than all our expenses in 5 years. Sounds pretty daunting when I currently earn $0 in passive income. But I have one plan, that without anyone's help I should be able to achieve it. I am looking at building my online business. Focusing on building a newsletter subscriber list and marketing products through that, and also through twitter. I am creating articles for EzineArticles.com and goarticles.com to promote my list (to get traffic) and I will use those same articles to put on a blog to create more traffic and more value that way. See I can't earn advertising through EzineArticles.com but I can leverage the articles and earn advertising on the blog. As income increases, I will begin to outsource and then I will use my income to invest in positive cashflow property. Start slow, then ramp up more and more towards the end of the 5 years. Every property I buy increases my income and speeds me up towards the goal, getting started in the hardest part.

I am very careful with the mentors I choose, if you want to achieve what I want to achieve, while working just 2 days per week you need to keep a certain ignorance about you. Everyone wants to push there method and their ideas on you and will tell you why you should do it their way not yours. Because what I want to achieve is done by next to no one there are one million reasons I can't do it, so I need to keep a certain ignorance about it and focus on how I can do it.

Now I know that people need advice and I know the wisdom in getting advice from people more successful than you. Learning from someone who has already done it. I know that there are some mentors who would have good stuff, but most are not at the point where I want to be. Most still works for other people. I want to have the freedom not to work if I don't want to. because I know God has big things for me and I need to first be able to not HAVE to work so I can set my mind on the things God has for me.

I have a strong belief that rich people don't work for money. I work in my job to pay the bills, that is why I work for money there, but everywhere else I work for assets. Online every article I write is an asset, I work once and it brings in the income time and time again through traffic etc. Lately an opportunity of a finder's fee, for helping people find positive cashflow property, would sound great to a lot of people, but to me it is still a form of working for money. I know everyone says "But you are working researching something you enjoy and you are learning" and that is great for other people but not for me. I already know how to find properties, I want to learn how to buy them, how to do conveyancing, how to work with a property manager and I won't get that through being a finder.

So the thing is with my 5 year plan I know what I want, I want assets that generate me income. So when an opportunity comes along like a finders fee I can look at it and go, will that get me to where I want to be in 5 years. Even though it looks like a good opportunity to some people, it is not so good for me. So I am now looking at a possible partnership with people instead of a finders fee. Even if a partnership falls through I still have my 5 year plan that I am working towards. I want assets that generate me income without working, I don't want to work for money.

Becoming financially free in just 5 years is possible for anyone. It doesn't matter what your current financial situation is, you can become rich and never have to work again in just 5 short years. You don't need a high paying job or a get rich quick scheme, you just need real training on creating real strategies for getting rich.

Go to website and sign up now to start you free training on "How To Get Rich Without Making More Money". Don't waste any time, start training yourself to be rich today by signing up for your free teaching.

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