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             14 November, 2018

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Business Writing - 4 Highly Effective Business Written Communication Tips

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2009-05-25 07:23:00     
Article by Sean R Mize

An exceptional business writing skill is very important in any type of business. Clients frequently base the company's credibility on the quality of their business communications. These people tend to have negative view of businesses that disseminate written materials with errors or businesses that use vague phrases and misspell names.

You can avoid these from happening by simply getting better at writing business documents. Here's what you need to do:

1. Use the K.I.S.S. technique. This simply means keep it short and simple. Do your readers a favor and make your business writings easy to understand and easy on the eyes. Write in short sentences and whenever possible, use the simplest terms. Keep in mind that big, fancy words do not indicate intelligence and that they only confuse your readers.

2. Be direct to the point and be specific. Avoid vague generalizations as much as possible. It's not a wise move to make your readers guess on the real meaning of your messages as this can surely waste their precious time. Just "write" what you mean and mean what you "write".

3. Use the active voice. Do not even think about using passive voice on your business communications as this can make your messages longer and sound weaker. Active voice can compel your readers to take action and can easily capture their attention.

4. Use parallel structure. Your business communications will be much easier to read if you put together related ideas in the same form and tense. If you use the past tense on your first sentence, make sure that you use it all throughout your document to avoid confusion.

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