Know Hows and Whats of WooCommerce Currency Switcher

       By: Milan Soni
Posted: 2021-09-20 10:42:43
Observing the past and the estimated growth, Statista study suggests an exponential growth in eCommerce sales globally from 2014 to 2024. Running a store on an eCommerce platform is an opportunity to expand your reach and increase your business's sales crossing the international boundaries. You get to collaborate with people from all over the world once you start growing internationally. There comes the matter of accepting the payment in many different currencies.With so many years of experience, we have been a top-notch WooCommerce Development Company. You should accept multiple currencies and integrate a currency-switcher in your WooCommerce store, if you are planning to develop one. You might want to know what multi-currency and currency-switcher in WooCommerce is. Read further, and you will get the answer for the same. What is Multi-currency for WooCommerce?
Multi-currency - It is a WooCommerce extension that helps you switch the currencies and recalculate the rates. It uses the converted rates during the checkout, and customers can pay in the currencies of their choice. Multi-currency plugins allow your customers to browse products and pay in multiple currencies. These currencies convert the product's price, coupons, taxes, and shipping prices to the customer preferred currency. Consumers can choose the currency on the front-end with widgets, currencies bar. Or you can also set the plugin to detect the currency by the website's language or customer's location. Best WooCommerce Multi-Currency Plugins
Several WooCommerce Plugins will support your business processes. These are all high-quality multi currency plugins you can add to your customized WooCommerce store. MultiCurrency for WooCommerce By VillaTheme
WooCommerce MultiCurrency by WooCommerce
WooCommerce Currency Switcher by PluginUsHow to Add Multi-currency Support in WooCommerce Stores?
Click on Add New in the Plugins section of your WordPress Admin Panel to add multicurrency to your website. The search for MWB multi currency-switcher. Then click on install now, then click on the Activate button. After this, you can start using the multi currency-switcher. What is a Currency Converter?
Currency-Converter is a widget that allows you to offer a huge converter to display the product prices and total. This widget uses money.js and Open-source exchange rates API to actively grab the current exchange rates and substitute the displayed prices in real-time. Best WooCommerce Currency Switchers
WOOCS - WooCommerce Currency-Switcher
Currency-Switcher for WooCommerce
Easy Digital Downloads
WooCommerce Ultimate MultiCurrency Suite
WooCommerce MultiCurrency
WC MultiCurrency for WooCommerce by Palscode
MultiCurrency for WooCommerce
Price Based on Country for WooCommerce
WooCommerce All-in-one
Currency Converter Widget
Open Currency ConverterApart from these, there are many more available in WooCommerce. However, these are some of the amazing and the best ones. How to See and Change Currency in WooCommerce?
How can your neighboring countries see and change currencies in WooCommerce? There is a free Plugin on WordPress integrating which can help your customers do that. YayCurrency is free on WordPress, and it comes ready with all the necessary features we want. The WooCommerce Multi currency features support:
Allow switching currency during checkout
The currency converter on WooCommerce Single Product Page
Easy to customize psychological pricing
Multiple currency-switcher widgets
Integrated multicurrency analytics in WooCommerce Sales report.Steps to Setup a Currency Converter in WooCommerce
1. Add Custom New Currencies From your WordPress Admin Dashboard, you can easily access the currency manager and do the following:
Add new currency from 160+ available currencies
Add a conversion fee in a fixed amount and even in percentage
Set currency formats and rounding rules
Drag or Drop to reorder currencies 2. Allow Checkout with Available Payment MethodsYou will see all the active currencies and payment methods depending on the payment gateway plugin on your eCommerce website. You can pick multiple payment methods to allow your customers to checkout in different currencies. These payment methods include:VISA
American Express
SOFORT Banking and many more. 3. Display the Converter on your eCommerce StoreNow that you are done with setting up the currency-switcher, it's time to display it wherever you want. But How? Read further to know how to display the currency-switcher on your online store.Widget: Insert the widget to website pages, sidebar, header, footer, or wherever you want to. ShortCode: display currency dropdown list to any page or post. What are the Benefits of WooCommerce Currency Switcher?
Currency-Converter allows customers from all over the world to shop in their preferred currency.
With the WC_Deolocation PHP class in WooCommerce, the currency automatically switches, detecting the visitor's location.
It allows checkout on the basis of GeoIP rules.
Currency Switcher is totally compatible with WooCommerce PDF Invoices and Packing Slips
Compatible with WooCommerce extra product options.
You can allow fixed prices for each product individually.
It eliminates the struggle of currency conversion for the users.
Without creating a separate new store for every country, you can expand your customer base to any country you want.
Individual GeoIP rules for every product
Totally compatible with PayPal
There are 7 currency aggregators available in wooCommerce
You can set up a minimal amount of Coupons, free shipping, and delivery for each currency. Summing Up
If you want to expand your business base to multiple countries, you will have to accept payments in different currencies. Therefore, a currency converter is a must. With this blog, you know how to set up a currency switcher in your WooCommerce store. There is a great opportunity waiting for you to expand your business, boost your sales and marketing, and improve your conversion rates. WeDoWebApps LLC is the best WooCommerce Development company across the globe to get your website developed by the experts. We are professionals for integrating the best plugins and themes, and following the valid development process for your website. We promise to make it one of the best websites with incredible user experiences and outstanding performance.
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