Plumbing Considerations While Renovating Your Bathroom Based on the Current Trend

       By: John Vesnaver
Posted: 2019-07-29 13:12:53
As we kick off the New Year, it's time to think about what 2019 bathroom remodelling trends homeowners can take advantage of when planning for bathroom renovations. For 2019 renovation project, here we have listed the plumbing considerations to renovate your bathroom with the help of a professional plumber who also specializes in gas installations in Toowoomba QLD. So that you can rest assure, that there will not be any plumbing issues in the future after the bathroom renovation.1. Consider upgrading your plumbing fixturesYou can find a number of plumbing appliances that have water usage. You want to consider getting updated variants for those who have dated faucets, showerheads, and toilets. Renovating the bathroom by installing eco-friendly fixtures will help you cut down your water utility expenses in the long run. This means, dual flush toilets have two flushing options and it promotes efficient water usage, but the weaker flush is intended for draining liquid wastes while the stronger flush variant is for solid wastes.2. Curbless ShowerLet your plumber in Toowoomba know, if you don’t want your shower to be curbless. Yes, it is your own personal preference but you need to take a strong decision and inform it to the plumbers. This is because, it’s tough and requires expert hands to install it properly. A poor installation of the shower base will result in water deposits all over your bathroom. 3. Hide Plumbing Lines It’s up to your preference on which plumbing layout you want. But, keep in mind that once the job is done; it will be difficult and costly to change it. Leaving plumbing lines such as, pipes behind the and sink uncovered will give your an industrial theme. Concealing the pipes will make the bathroom look modern and cleaner. So, ask your plumber or gas fitters in Toowoomba.4. Enlarge the drain sizeClogged drains are sometimes caused by having a small drainage size. Hair, scum, and other wastes can easily obstruction a tiny drain opening. By increasing the drain size will certainly help in lowering the chances of clogs. But, that doesn’t mean you can ignore its maintenance task. Wrapping UpThe bathroom is no longer just a place for taking care of one’s hygiene. Over the years, it has become that one space in the house where people can have time to relax and completely rejuvenate themselves. So, remodeling the bathroom is one of the great projects to undertake in the coming New Year.
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