Emergency Vehicle Access Control For Fire Fighters in Miami, Hialeah, and Miami Gardens

       By: George Ebel
Posted: 2016-12-26 07:40:28
According to NFIRS data of 2014, there was at least a number of 5.8 deaths per 1,000 residential structure fires in Florida. A number of 47.6 injuries were recorded per 1,000 fires. On the other hand, during the previous year of 2013, 50,135 fires were reported to Florida Fire Incident Reporting System. Out of this record, 26,658 were considered to be accidental. Among the other counties, Miami-Dade has the most number of deaths acquiring 20 victims out of 124 fire death reports. Among the cities in Miami-Dade, Miami, Hialeah, and Miami Gardens have the highest population. With highest number of fire deaths and with the highest population, these cities should be more fire friendly community. They said that the worst tragedy which can happen to a person is to encounter fire incident. If it is flood incident due to storms, you can still recover most of your properties. However, things get more complicated when it is a fire incident. Properties will be burned and lives will be taken. The devastation is an overwhelming feeling. As much as possible, we require a fast service from the fire department in our community in order to save properties that can be saved.Fire fighters were trained to answer emergency calls as fast as possible. However, uncontrolled variables prevent them from responding quickly. For example, traffic jams cause their delay. In some other cases, the problem is with the community where the fire is taking place. Sometimes these communities delayed their operations because of the entrance requirement. Since communities are mostly gated, gaining access will be a bit of a hassle. To address this kind of delay, EVAC or Emergency Vehicle Access Control is made for emergency responders to gain easy access to gated communities. EVAC is a radio controlled system which comes with a remote in order to let emergency vehicles like fire truck enter through gates without hassle. The remotes are on private code which are only available to authorities for them to use when responding to emergency calls involved in a gated property especially in cities such as Miami, Hialeah, and Miami Gardens. The community will have to install the receiver in order for the remote to function and automatically open the gate. It can also be used on private and commercial gates. Upon approaching the gate, the personnel or fire fighter would simply push the button on the remote. Then the receiver installed on the entrance will detect the signal and automatically, the gate will open letting the fire truck in. No more delays. Emergency vehicle access control was developed to help communities during emergencies by allowing emergency personnel to respond without delay.Contact 239-274-1789 now for information on how your unit can gain access to gated communities, private homes, and businesses with the push of a button. It is available nationally and internationally. The following entities have already installed EVAC;
• Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District
• City of Naples Fire-Rescue Department
• Collier County Government
• East Naples Fire Control and Rescue District
• Estero Fire Rescue
• Fort Myers Shores Fire Department
• Iona McGregor Fire Protection & Rescue Service District
• Marco Island Fire Rescue Department
• Matlacha/Pine Island Fire Control District
• North Fort Myers Fire Control District
• Ochopee Fire Control and Rescue District
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