6 Tips on Using Social Media to Popularize Your Site

       By: Website Design Agency Philadelphia PA
Posted: 2016-05-24 06:28:24
If you wish to do everything you can to promote your blog, you should make sure that you do not miss out on marketing on social media sites. This SEO strategy allows you to share the content of your blog to wider audience. This is the reason why most site owners have social media accounts.Social media marketing is all about marketing the content of your site on various social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Tumblr, and Reddit, so as to drive in traffic to your website.Here are some tips on effectively using social media to market your content:1. Linking on social networking sitesAfter you have written and published a post, the very next thing you need to do is to share with your friends and acquaintances on your social network. There are ample options available such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. Instead of doing it manually by visiting each social networking site, you can use WordPress plugins (on WordPress CMS) to share your content automatically on popular social networking sites.2. Request others to follow youAll your social networking profiles should be active. When you update your profiles with the latest posts of your blog, people will come to know about it if they are following you. So, you need to check how many people are following you. Once in a while, it can be a good move to ask your contacts to follow you.3. Don’t be a spammerWhen you share your content on social networking sites or video marketing sites, you should not blatantly start following others and send friend requests in a bid to popularize your content and blog. Instead, you should make efforts to learn about the interests of the people in your friendlist. After you come to know what your chosen network of people are interested in, you can share your posts with them. If you share content without any interaction prior to it, you may risk appearing like a spammer.4. Show interest in othersHaving loyal followers is very important to promote your site. Adding new friends to your friend list is not the right way to build loyal followers. Instead, you should go through the profiles of the people and learn about their websites and then send a customized message to each one of them by telling good things about their site and their ambitions. This move will help in getting your friend requests accepted and people will follow you back when you follow them.5. Publish your posts on social media sitesSome social networking sites such as Facebook provides you with a feature called Fan Pages where you can publish the full posts. When you publish your article, make sure you also provide link that leads back to your site. Some sites may not allow you to publish full articles; you can publish a teaser with link to the full article on your site.6. Using share button to promote on social bookmarking sitesThere are plenty of plugins available for your CMS that allows you to add a share button to all your posts. Some of the famous share button services are AddThis, AddToAll, Sexy Bookmarks, ShareThis and so on. These services provide you with tons of social bookmarking sites to choose from for effectively sharing your posts to larger audience.
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