Chlorpheniramine Reduces The Effects Of Histamine In Body

       By: Raj Singh
Posted: 2014-06-22 11:29:01
Till date there are lots of people caused by certain acute disorders that usually occur by allergies. Histamine is the natural chemical component in the body that produces signs such as runny nose, watery eyes, itching and sneezing. These symptoms need to be treated from preventing it from becoming dreadful. After consulting the doctor, a medication that would be specified by him for fighting these allergies would be Chlorpheniramine. It comes under antihistamine group of medicine. The symptoms of allergies get treated as soon as the working of this medication begins in the body. It works after hindering the effects of the allergies that has led to its symptoms. The types of allergies that are used to treat by this medicine are insect bites, rhinitis, hayfever, urticaria, medicine allergies or food. Itching caused due to chicken pox is also cured by this drug.This drug is available in tablets form and in liquid form as well. Using this drug properly as it has been prescribed by the doctor and must restrict to be used by other people because there are certain limitations on its use and is suitable for specific patient only. If this medicine is undertaken by non-prescribed people, then it would harm that person. If an individual after taking the dose of this medicine feels no changes (improvement) in health to fight allergy or creating more impacts on the health, then a patient must immediate stop the continuation of it. Before the use of this medicine, it is necessary to let the doctor know about any health problems such as glaucoma, epilepsy, prostate problems or liver disorder that may not suit; and also the intake of some medicines like anxiolytics, phenytoin, hypnotics, and monoamine oxidase inhibitors would interact with chlorpheniramine in an undesired manner. A breastfeeding or pregnant woman, and/or an individual consume other herbs or medicines must stop accessing the usage of this drug and should ask the doctor for its continuation.The dosage of this drug varies in various age groups. It has been said that in adults 4 mg of its dosage is given in every 4 to 6 hours. A child whose age is between 6 and 12 years, 2 mg of its dosage is provided to the patient and children having age below 6 years are given the dose of 1 mg. This drug can be consumed by the patient before or after eating food.Chlorpheniramine causes drowsiness to the patient who has recently swallowed it and therefore it is suggested to such patient not to drive while driving and alcohol consumption after its dosage would provide much worst result. There are some more consequences that may take place in a patient taking its use, so detailed instructions about its consumption must be asked from the doctor.
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