Key Features and Benefits of Epublishing Plans

       By: Geoffrey Shemar
Posted: 2014-05-29 10:56:08
Nowadays, many publishers are opting for e-publishing plans. These have a lot of benefits and key features which are not available on print media. First of all, e-publishing allows global distribution and thus allows one to reach as many customers as possible. All you have to do is sell your subscriptions online to your audience. In order to do so, you can place a URL or an image of your e-publication on your website. This allows everyone coming through the site to read your latest edition.It is easy to display any new publication. There are different options available on digital publishing plans. You can make use of social media or place links on emails sent out to target audience. You can use a secure display options to add mini buttons to the edition on your website. There is also the option of applying i-frame for display purposes. Therefore, there is no restriction on the method you choose to display a publication.When you do print media, you can only use pictures and words. However, e-publishing plans give the option of using other rich media apart from the common two. For example, you can use sound or video clips in the magazine. There are different ways that you can use to add videos using digital publishing plans. You can use links from YouTube, or use URL links to MP4 or FLV videos.This kind of rich media will greatly increase the magazine subscriptions online since clients get more than the usual. It makes advertising easier since you can place email and page links on any page of your publication. When reading through the magazines online, people are able to easily navigate to the websites indicated. When using epublishing subscription plans there is also the added benefit of being able to search for text.When you sell subscription magazines online, you do not discriminate against user devices. The editions can be read on PC, Mac, tablets, pads or phones. Therefore, anyone can subscribe to the publication without worrying about the particular device that will be used. Another benefit of epublishing subscription plans is the fact that no apps are required. It is easier for people to read on the mobile browser as compared to being forced to download an app before getting access.There is nothing worse than publishing a magazine only to discover there is a typo or a mistake in the layout. When you have digital publishing plans, this is not a problem since you can edit your magazine at any time. You can also simply update some pages while maintaining the rest of the edition. This saves you a lot of time and the fatigue you endure when you have to republish an entire magazine.Epublishing subscription plans are a great way to do your part in environmental conservation. Since there is no need for using paper, you can sell as many editions as you want without degrading the environment. Therefore, when you publishyour subscription magazines online, you not only save money but the planet as well.
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